• 2022/6/23

Cyber Attacks towards businesses: Problems & Solutions


Have you ever heard of the news that YouTubers and Companies became victims of cyber crimes? It is not a rare thing and when we read the cases, we would notice the huge amount of damage it causes to the victims. Let us know more about the two main threats online and stay alert to them.



Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts files on a computer until the victim pays a ransom. The best way to prevent businesses from falling for ransomware is by backing up everything. Businesses should also have an offline backup system and make sure that their data is encrypted. On the other hand, companies could also adopt other ransomware protection (勒索軟體防護) solutions, which could help them to detect unusual online activities. Before all the important files are encrypted, the attack could be detected and stopped to minimize the harm it causes to the company.



Phishing is a type of social engineering that aims to steal sensitive information like credit card numbers, passwords, and other personal information by disguising it as a trustworthy entity in an email.


Phishing is often done through email or instant messaging. The phisher will create a fake website to lure their victims into entering their personal information. Phishers also use phone calls, text messages, and voice messages to trick people into giving them sensitive information.


Phishing emails are often disguised as legitimate emails from companies or government agencies that the recipient trusts. They often use logos and links to make the email look more professional. Phishers also use social engineering techniques like emotional appeals or urgency to make sure the victim clicks on the link they provide in the email. Luckily, there are many cybersecurity solutions helping people to identify suspicious sites and emails in recent years.


Protecting information: Why is it important to a company?

Information security is the process of protecting information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction.


The importance of information security is to ensure that the company’s assets and data are not compromised. The data might be in the form of customer information as well as trade secrets. This can be done by protecting networks and computers from cyberattacks.


There are many benefits to maintaining information security. These include reducing risk exposure and complying with regulatory requirements. It also helps in avoiding fines and penalties imposed by regulatory authorities for violating rules set forth by them. China has a policy called “等保” to make sure that the information protection is done at different levels and is secured enough to protect the affected parties. 


Do we need to protect data as well?

The answer is yes. Although what is truly valuable for a company is the information retrieved from the collected data, data is the source of it and its importance should not be overlooked. Data is the foundation of any business. It can be considered an asset or a resource. The data that we have is the same data that our competitors have, so it is important to make sure that we are turning it into something useful to stay ahead of them.


There are many ways in which companies can organize their data and turn it into useful information. One way to do this is through the use of dashboards and reports. These tools will help you find insights into your company's performance and provide you with a clear picture of where you need to focus your attention. Some may also have a third party to do data object storage (對象存儲). It makes metadata easy to search and well-stored.


How are data passed around?

Organizations are also using different types of data for different purposes. For example, some might use customer data to power marketing campaigns, while others might use it for customer service or product development purposes. Data is being passed around internally in various ways. Some organizations use their data to power all of their applications, databases, and analytics. Some may simply use emails and attachments or file-sharing services. Other organizations are using a mixture of on-premises and cloud-based data. Knowing the trend of passing data online within the private network with planned access authority, It is not a rare thing to use business cloud service nowadays. Some business cloud service providers would offer high-security cloud services, while some of them may focus more on the flexibility and operational advantage the cloud computing service would bring to the business. Companies would choose cloud services according to their own needs. The followings are some popular cloud service providers:


  1. Amazon Website Services (AWS)

AWS provides a wide range of services and is one of the most famous cloud platforms in the world. Security is on the top of its priority list. Its service covers 25 regions around the world and its global availability is considered the highest in the market.


  1. CITIC Telecom

citic telecom is also an international service provider. It provides a wide variety of services not only in the field of cloud but also in cybersecurity, data centers, etc. It is known for its excellent use of combining AIs and human effort to strive for the high security of the services it offers.


  1. Google Cloud

Google Cloud covers services including data storage, computing, security, etc. It is broadly used in different customer groups. From students to industry experts and businesses, its service could fulfill the needs of the target customer groups and provide suitable services to individuals and entities.

To enable cloud services, many firms would also adopt sd-wan solutions to further improve network security. Meanwhile, SD-Wan solutions are used in many different industries. They are primarily used to reduce the costs of bandwidth and improve the quality of service. SD-Wan solutions also improve data protection, simplify network management and increase the resilience of networks. The primary benefit for companies is that SD-Wan solutions can reduce the cost of bandwidth by using less expensive services. It also reduces management complexity by simplifying network operations and increasing resilience.


In the workplace, not only data passing is important, but also communication. Virtual meetings are another mainstream in the past 5 years. metro ethernet is often used to make the connection between physical offices to operations like e-commerce and video conferencing available. It is important to ensure that each endpoint is protected within the enterprise to minimize the risk of being attacked by external parties.


Endpoint detection & response

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) is a cybersecurity strategy that detects and responds to malicious activity on the endpoint, often before it reaches the network.


EDR is a type of endpoint security software that monitors computer systems for suspicious activity. When a threat is detected, the software will take action to stop it from spreading or causing damage. EDR can also be used to collect information about what's happening on an endpoint in order to better protect it in the future.


There are many edr hk solutions available for clients who would like to strengthen endpoint security. It could help the company to detect danger and respond to the threats as soon as possible, getting rid of sustainable damage in the future.



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