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I don't know to is what tears may dry, I do not know what hurts can hurt one's life and can not be cured, I don't know is for how long can go from inside the dream and forget it; I only know cry represent the heart has unwilling, I know not the former representative love also need more courage, I only know that only once is the most beautiful most imprint is engraved on my heart., because it represents the soul imprint imprint of life life is a true witness.
As the saying goes: There is no story without coincidences.; misunderstanding is the most brutal fire, it will burn your spirit of filth, let your spirit become more pure, let your personality more saintly, let your love be sublimated, only through this, can draw the most beautiful thing in the world the most holy and pure flower. Results although the United States is a favourite dream, but the hardships and tests the more painful and difficult, and most people because it is too hard to test, so the failure to see the dawn of hope had plunged into darkness again. We have no right to criticize say they will not firm, can only sigh: to see the flowers in full bloom to pay what we can withstand the ultimate love of nutrient.
just one eye looking back Future future. We go to school together day Under the intermittent

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