• 2015/9/4

colchicine sealing dust


Girl's eyes, though there is no woman rich, but will have all of the pure, clear, let a person indulge, or produce a little want to stay.
Life is light, life is simple, not the light, not the simple, when can zhankai smiling face?
Four, autumn rain
A cold rain falling, dribs and drabs, wet with the dawn of peace. The star of the autumn rain, if a few drops of light ink, rendering the magic ink painters.
Oh, the wind, gone with the wind in the dim light ink, toward the bottom of my heart. Oblique thin rain, knocking out the rings, dial up the string of mind, off, a serene heart melodies.
Cui willow, rain washed, still green of spring.
Ng some yellow, although their looks, but can feel it deep inside the vigorous life force, have foregone, seems to be declared a timeless philosophy to people?
The corn in the field, has some weak, still tightly holding her child, is a continuation of begging for life?
The orchard, the purple grape agate, ruby jujube, red apple, yellow pear, so much the color is the autumn rain which had been dyed? Some really incredible.
Ah, the autumn rain, many hidden secret god.

Every time into the community garden, always see the tall palm trees in the wind Yang move, they correspond and camphor trees not far away apart, and as a row of sentinel arranged together, like coconut trees in hainan in the south, green is about to drip, is a scenery in the community.




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