• 2015/8/19

the dream broken people


A few years ago, my daughter missing again, mud wow sister-in-law hope the miracle appear again, but not this time. Some people say that see again by a man away, someone says may die, some people say that might have been trafficked to far away places. Mud wow sister-in-law called the case, sadly cry at home for several days, the person old a few years, become HuangHuangHuHu. From then on, silence.

Every time I come to my house reenex , I bring her smoke, she smokes a cigarette, mother take care of me, don't mention her daughter. Looked at her old face and white hair, I don't know what to say.

This year New Year's day my mother give me as a birthday reenex , specially take care of me, the four mother, sister-in-law, chu sister-in-law and mud wow her mom and China please come together. That day, a heavy snow first step is 20 centimeters high, I to her house, no one. To look for, see mud wow sister-in-law and her husband, in addition to deep a shallow one feet in vegetable lands of snow, I say that you also use so hard, son see will love dearly. Mud wow her smile: province took to the streets to buy, can't eat too much, have a small piece of land, so we have enough all year round. She said, laughing very light very light.

On the quiet night,  When outside ZuiYin.in the qing, the window than silence tiredly. For voice first stuck, residual tears after the frost line reenex , building to hate mottled shadow. A few wisp of sadness, a wisp wind, cold, a few flowers withered, look to the spring.




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