• 2017/8/9

siege tower leaned crazily to one side


Across the top of the parapet a ramshackle wooden platform had appeared as if from nowhere. Perched on top of it, ready to spring, was a villainous-looking rat with a cutlass clenched between his teeth.

Cornflower shrieked aloud.

More by accident than design, Brother Rufus spun around and sent the scalding contents of his mug splashing mil into the rat's eyes. With a piercing wail of agony the rat fell from the top of the platform. Scarcely aware of what she was doing. Cornflower threw the lantern. It shattered on top of the siege tower, drenching the dead wood in lamp oil. Instantly the flames licked hungrily over the platform, turning it into an inferno.In addition, different seed funding schemes have been established to support our students and graduates to kick start their businesses under the programmes.

Attracted by the flaring blaze that lit the night, defenders rushed from all quarters to see what was happening. Over thirty rats were in the high reaches of the burning tower. Many more were in the middle and still more on the lower frames. Rats were kicking and righting each other to get down from the blazing tower. They bit and trampled and slashed. Some jumped while others were pushed, screaming as they fell to the field far below.

Cluny ran about in a berserk rage. Temporarily bereft of his senses, he seized hold of smoldering, injured rats, some with their fur alight.

"Get back up there, you cowards! Jump on to the wall!" he screamed in his madness.

The rats who had been attacking the gatehouse left off fighting and ran down the road to the fiery holocaust. Sparks crackled and shot off into the night sky. Cluny lashed out at all and sundry with his tail, foaming at the mouth and cursing wildly, his face a terrifying mask of insanity in the glare from the tower.

"It's only a bit of fire! .Get back up there, you blundering fools! Kill the mice!"

Darkclaw   and   Fangburn   grabbed   hold   of   Cluny's smoldering cloak. They dragged him backwards. "Get out of the way, Chief! It's starting to fall!" With a roaring crackle and snap of blazing timber the . It tottered, then collapsed in a flaring sheet of flame and sparks. The hay wagon listed drunkenly and was pulled over on to its side where it lay burning furiously the pavilia bay.

The incident put an end to that night's fighting. On top of the wall cheering broke out. Cornflower was the heroine of the hour. She blushed as Foremole nodded admiringly.

"Air, you'm looken more 'andsome in this loight, missy! Yurr, you gotten any vedgible soop left? Didn't give it all to those varments, did ye?"

Below the wall was a scene of mass carnage. The ground was littered with the bodies of attackers who had fallen prey to the flames in the ill-starred venture of the siege tower. Surrounded by his captains, Cluny was led down to the safety of the ditch. Apparently unaware of anything about him, he muttered dark words to himself, strange things that others could not comprehend.

Behind the Warlord's back the captains looked at each other in a puzzled fashion.

Had the mind of Cluny the Scourge finally snapped?

The fire had dwindled to smoldering embers by the next morning. Constance and the Abbot looked at the results from the ramparts. A wide area of the meadowland was burned black and scorched flat. Even now parts of it sizzled in the morning dew patek philippe price.



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