• 2014/10/13

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Apple chips. Snore. It seems like everyone has done them. Slice and dry. Been there done that. And if you have read any of my other posts the usual really isn’t quite good enough for me. As one of my grandmother’s favorite culinary TV personalities Emeril Lagasse would say, “Let’s crank it up a notch DR REBORN!”

And crank it up a notch I did!!! Good bye mundane apple chippiness. A soak in some vinegar spiced sugar solution. A sprinkle of poppy seeds. Bam! A more sophisticated adult version of the everyday kiddie lunchbox snack tourism industry events.

The key to this chip is in the vinegar sugar solution. Obviously the sweet and tart with the apple works but the infusion of vanilla bean, cloves and cinnamon is really where we make these chips snap, crackle and pop. All you do is boil the vinegar, water and sugar, throw in the spices and let the mixture infuse until cool. Then give the lil’ apples a dip, throw em’ on some racks, season with the poppy seeds for a satisfying bonus crunch and viola white wine!

If you aren’t to keen on the poppy seed component, leave them out. DO use the vinegar sugar dip though. It really brightens the apple’s flavor and makes them even more lip smacking delectable! So go for it. Be a little bold with your apple chips and doctor them up. Perhaps not quite how Emeril Lagasse would do his apple chips but we sure did crank er’ up a notch!



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