• 2014/10/13

primarily cauliflower


I have made this amazeballs recipe 11 times now.  Both my husband and I LOVE it!!!  Imagine eating a healthy soup that tastes just like fattening, overindulgent, potato soup……now go get the ingredients and make your imagination into reality stainless steel travel tea mugs!

What I love about this soup is how easy it is to make alterations.  I have even used vegan creamer and vegetable stock to make this vegan.  In fact, I made this soup for my vegan friend, who HATES cauliflower, he ended up getting 3 helpings of soup!  Cauliflower should win a versatility award for it’s ability to blend in with other flavors.  I swear, after this soup is done, you can’t tell it’s primarily cauliflower, it tastes like cream of potato soup!

Now let’s talk toppings….oooooh momma….the possibilities are endless!  Cheese, chives, green onion, crumbled bacon….basically anything you put on a potato skin goes well on top of this soup Necklace online.

If you have a gluten allergy, please be sure to check the labels of the ingredients, some items may contain gluten.

Oh man….now I’m drooling and crave this soup, excuse me while I go face plant in it.

I highly recommend investing in an immersible (or hand) blender.  This will make quick, and less messy work of pureeing this soup.  They can be easily found these days, but if you need some help finding one, click here Managed Security Service.

My immersible blender kicked the bucket so I ended up having to puree the soup in batches in my regular blender.  The regular blender works great, it just takes longer.  Either way though, it’s worth the effort because this soup is so comforting, and since it’s packed with vegetables, very healthy for you.


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