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Mushroom chicken soup


Chicken soup is nutritious and has a variety of effects. Often cold people can drink chicken soup, enhance immunity, ease the symptoms of colds. So what should the chicken soup do? Today for everyone to recommend some of the practice on the chicken soup. 如何預防蟎蟲的滋生化眼部妝最常犯的五大錯誤液狀眼線筆會是最佳選擇隔離霜主要是讓皮膚容易上妝 おれは立哨についてそうは思わんだろうが

Summer cold drink chicken soup

Many people in summer are also susceptible to colds, when you can drink chicken soup to alleviate the condition.

Chicken soup contains a lot of vitamin C, can effectively inhibit the body's inflammation and excessive production of mucus, nasal congestion, runny nose, headache, fatigue, throat tingling, cough, fever and other significant mitigation, Clear the respiratory virus has a better effect, on the other hand, chicken soup also improve the body's immune function, not only because it contains a lot of vitamins, but also because of the addition of trace elements to enhance the body's immune energy.

Need to add that is to drink chicken soup when the chicken soup to eat chicken, this is because the meat has been stewed very rotten, easy to digest is also conducive to nutrient absorption, do not think that chicken soup only eat soup do not eat meat.

Chicken soup four kinds of practice recommended

So the question is coming, how should the chicken soup be done? In fact, chicken soup can be mushrooms, yam and other ingredients to stew, nutritional value is higher.

Mushroom chicken soup

Material: 1/2 chicken, 12-15 mushrooms, onions, ginger, cooking wine, salt, monosodium glutamate amount.


1, the chicken clean, chop block, boil for a long time to bloody, picked up the wash back;

2, the mushrooms soak, wash and drain to the pedicle and then cut;

3, the washed chicken into the stew pot, add the right amount of water and onions, ginger, cooking wine and other spices, covered with pot pot for 40 minutes;

4,40 minutes and then into the mushrooms and the amount of salt, continue to cook for 20 minutes, transferred to the monosodium glutamate, you can eat.

Yam stewed chicken soup

Material: farm chicken 1, yam 1, wolfberry 1 small, onion ginger, cooking wine, salt amount.


1, chicken clean up, chopped into small pieces, yam peeled into small pieces, onion ginger washed, ginger slices, onions made into onion with spare;

2, cut the chicken into the pot, add enough cold water, boil, skim floating foam;

3, then add a tablespoon of cooking wine, add ginger green onions;

4, boil after a small fire, stamped, slow stew for about 30 minutes;

5, the yam will be added to the pot, continue to stamped for 10 minutes;

6, wolfberry rinse with water, open the lid to join, continue to stamp stew for 10 minutes, open the lid can be seasoned with salt.

Red bean black chicken soup

Material: red beans 200 grams, 50 grams of Polygonatum, Chenpi 1 angle, a black-bone chicken.


1, red beans clean, drain water spare; black bone chicken to hair, viscera after cleaning, spare.

2, the red beans and a piece of bone chicken into the already boiled water, continue to use the fire for three hours or so, and finally add a small amount of salt for seasoning can be eaten.

Matsutake chicken soup

Ingredients: 20 grams of dry pine, small hens only half, jujube 10 grams, ginger 3, oil, salt, cooking wine amount.


1, small hens clean, cut small pieces, Zhuo water washed away the floating foam, with cooking wine pickled. Casserole boiled water, into the boiled water after the chicken and ginger, with the fire to boil, turn a small fire stew for an hour.

2, loose mushroom slices, add chicken soup for 15 minutes (Matsushita can not cook for a long time), salt can be seasoned.



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