• 2017/10/18

What can wash your face freckle?


See the goddess of the smooth skin, and then look at their face little bit of freckles is not very ugly, like a white cover three ugly, really nonsense that dream, how foreign can perfect freckle, there is no way to DIY Freckle it? In fact, in order to remove the spots on the face, not a piece of how difficult things, which requires us to pay more attention to the daily life of the way. Xiaobian today to talk to you: the correct face, wash away the spots.

What can wash your face freckle?

I believe many people will be freckled, freckles are the body of excess melanin can not be properly discharged from the body in the face of precipitation, the effective freckle products need to inhibit the formation of melanin and melanin and aging cells to promote metabolism, metabolism is against melanin The essential. Usually do a good job in sun protection, you can also use some freckle material wash your face.

1, Atractylodes wash your face freckle

Atractylodes has the effect of anti-aging, but also has a certain skin whitening effect. Adhere to the use of freckles can gradually eliminate, retreat.

Practice: take the amount of Chinese medicine atractylodes mashed, add vinegar to reconcile, sealed soak one week. Wash your face every day, wipe the face of the spotted spot, gently massage, and then wash away.

2, white Fu Ling wash the face of the spot

Chinese medicine believes that white Fu Ling can resolve the dark spots and like marks, with white honey, for the skin to add the necessary nutrition, and compact skin, the effect is significant. Practice: the 10-15g white fuling into powder, add 1-2 teaspoons of white honey transferred into a paste, wash your face every day to take this amount of gently massage the face, and then wash away, you can also wash the face with warm water after the application, Wash the next day.

3, milk wash your face

Wash your face can not go to the yellow freckles, but the milk can give nutrition to the skin, but also play the role of leap slip whitening, milk is the best natural whitening mask.

Practice: first wash your face with cleanser, and then put this amount of fresh milk into the basin, with a towel stained with milk, gently press the face, repeated about 5 to 6 times, let the milk in the face for 3 minutes, Rinse with water.

4, tomatoes wash your face freckle

Drink a cup of tomato juice every day or wash with tomato juice, freckle has a better effect. Usually eat more vitamin A, E and other nutrients, they have anti-body oxidation and light spot effect.

Practice: cleansing with facial cleanser, the tomato juice against the cold water wash, especially this summer use.

5, brown sugar massage face freckle

Brown sugar has a good detoxification effect, can effectively promote the skin's metabolism, freckle is very effective.

Practice: honey and brown sugar to 3: 1 ratio of mixing, with a way to scrub the way the long spot massage, and then wash your face.

6, lemon wash your face freckle

Citric acid in lemon, can clean up the role of the skin spots. But lemon is a sensible fruit and vegetable. Used lemon if you go to the sun, there may be adverse effects, will make the skin black, the pigment will increase, not whitening but stains come out, so use the lemon to wash your face, but also must pay attention to sunscreen.

Practice: take half of the lemon, juice, filter the garbage attaining, the lemon juice can be washed with water.

7, white vinegar wash your face freckle

White vinegar itself has antibacterial, whitening, softening the role of horny, every day with white vinegar wash your face can make facial skin white and tender, as well as the role of inhibition of acne growth. Vinegar is the main ingredient of acetic acid, it has a strong bactericidal effect on the skin can play a very good protective effect. Wash your face with vinegar, so that the skin can absorb some of the necessary nutrients, which play a soft skin, enhance the role of skin vitality.

Practice: the white vinegar and water in accordance with the ratio of 1: 3 with, can be installed in a separate bottle of mineral water. Wash your face every morning and evening, with the palm of your hand gently to the white vinegar water in the face, can also be used to wash your face, and finally rinse with water.



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