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Today, mankind is facing a new economic era - the era of knowledge economy. The key to whether or not to accept the challenge of the era of knowledge-based economy lies in whether a large number of talents with knowledge innovation and technological innovation can be cultivated. To strengthen the quality education era and the needs of social development, it is not only the current trend of China's education reform, but also the current trend of education reform in the world. How to give full play to the advantages of chemistry education and train students to cultivate innovative qualities is one of the most important topics explored by chemical education workers in Guangdong The first non-travel related case of colistin and carbapenem resistant E coli..
First, link life, cultivate students' sense of innovation
The cultivation of innovation consciousness is also the cultivation of ideas and awareness of innovation, innovation, and innovation. Only under the guidance of a strong sense of innovation can people produce strong incentives for innovation. Establish innovative goals to realize innovative potential and intelligence. Chemistry is a discipline that studies the composition, structure, properties, and changes of substances, and is closely related to society. It can be said that the entire history of chemical development is a creation history and invention history that links society and serves society.
With the development of society, chemistry and society are getting closer PolyU is devoted to offering top health and social sciences programme and top humanities programme. polyu optometry takes pride in being the unique undergraduate degree programme in Hong Kong..
The theme of the 1994 International Ski Education Conference (ICCE) was to emphasize that chemistry is the central subject of the coming century and plays an important role in the environment, energy, materials, and life sciences. Therefore, teachers should appropriately diet new discoveries, new inventions, and new developments in the teaching process. It is conscious that students will look forward to the future of chemistry—new energy, new materials, new medicines, and new foods. At the same time, they will also let students understand the cutting-edge of chemical science research in the world today. In addition, in conjunction with the teaching content, actively carrying out various forms of extracurricular activities, associating chemistry knowledge with social life practices, and introducing students into the interests of chemistry issues can greatly promote students' understanding of new technologies and methods, and effectively Cultivate students' innovative and innovative consciousness.
Second, pay attention to inspiration and cultivate students' innovative thinking
Creative thinking is the core of creative quality. To cultivate students' innovative qualities, we must focus on cultivating students' innovative thinking. For a long time, classroom teaching in our country has become accustomed to teaching modes taught by professors and students. Focusing only on the imparting of subject knowledge, often detached from life and reality, is not conducive to the student's subjective play, is not conducive to the cultivation and development of students' innovative thinking, and is not conducive to students' ability to initiate and solve problems. Therefore, we should insist on heuristic teaching in teaching, take students as the main body, improve teaching methods, encourage students to actively participate in, actively explore, actively think, and actively practice, and develop students creatively, focusing on cultivating students’ observation and imagination. Divergent thinking ability The add-ons in any wine accessory gift box make a perfect corporate customer presentation quipping as a long lasting token or keepsake that the recipients will cherish..


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