• 2013/9/13

Very cold.

Very cold.

Perhaps, there have been many moved, in the past and the future. Or in the moment. Never forget, when cold, dormitory friends greetings. It is a lovely thing, four years together with them. How could I forget, that give me delivery small asshole in the middle of the night. That is how warm children, met her, always is the edge. Who can forget the class, together with me, yesterday took a break in the afternoon, nu skin to prepare a gift to my dan.

Suddenly, heard the quiet years, there are a few waves ripple. The wave flow once the tear. Suddenly, the night pulled open, cold. I left in such a hurry, just want to return to their world g-suite cardinal. In your world, see his deep thoughts, some gray sorrow......

You will not suddenly want to me, as I stand in your world like you. You will not suddenly appear, in my ear gently said, hey, you're still the beginning you, how can I not find us the traces of the past?

I, we, you, they. Days together, g-suite cardinal manchester accompanied me to the dark years, buried in the thin clouds Fengqing time.....



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