• 2016/3/8

The beauty of Mount Danxia


 There is a hearsay Guangdong, a land of Renhua county beautymama, a county has a river, the name of zhenjiang. Zhenjiang, Renhua county, there is a mountain, Mount Danxia.

  Because of the mountains of red glutenite and become, again Chibi Danyaas features, such as the Chicheng layers, pieces of rosy clouds. The ancients "such as color wodan, Canruo Mingxia," meaning, so will themountain named "Mount Danxia".

  Danxia is divided into three layers, three layers are built in the Northern Song Dynasty to the Jin RI grottoes, Mengjue light, sky hole and thelandscape baizhangxia junsu. There are also long Xu Jian reenex hongkong, like Kowloonpeak (Kowloon peak), Xianju rock, fog hidden rocks, by Longyan, Longyan,one of the features of Qi, Yang Yuan Shi, northern Kun Wonsan, natural bridge to raise a dozen attractions.

  A 2011 weekend, parents take to my brother and brother to the mountain.

  This mountain Jun Xiu cutting Qiao, go up, see the waterfall, be overcome by one's feelings of poems aloud, "waterfalls three thousand feet, doubt isthe Milky Way fell nine days."

  Following the on go, people climb the cliff, to try, parents don't allow.

  So, back to the other side, climbing.

  At dusk, sunset hills covered with red and green color, exchange, but don't mix. On the other hand, is a beautiful sunset, no difference in the seasunset.

  Red and green are mixed, the tender in the forest, like the mountains touch.On the other side, did not see the sunset color, but one side red and greenmixed, packing disorder; the other side is a green, a good piece of beauty.

  Hungry, down the mountain.

  The setting sun has fallen, afterglow is still in the sky, refused to leave, see hill, more serious, more steep, no one for example, the beautiful sceneryhere.

  Return, but reluctantly.

  At this time, the mountain seemed to have disappeared between the lower,only upper, "Chibi Qiao Yama Masumi."

  Drifting further and further away, disappear in the eyes reenex.

  Go home, still lingering. Look at the photos, the Mount Danxia appeared infront, as mirage, looming.

  Today's trip, see a mountain, Danxia, beautiful scenery, scenery Junsu, alead a person to endless aftertastes, if it is the land of idyllic beauty, too.



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