• 2015/10/29

Who wrote that long?


Shao sound like a dream, really! Open the curtain. Such as the whirling green leaves to sing merrily and dance gracefully, such as sadness; dripping, forget to imprint is engraved on my heart. Is the first love, youth throb.

Tumbling, experience in the sky yuan Duanbi, when you look back, you suddenly realize thatit, but found that years not only urge to wash our face, also faded from our tender, took our innocence. Even simple palpitations still see evidence of people's distress everywhere, but stay in the depths of memory, the occasional tenderness. Now have complex, the so-called love, then why not?

It is beautiful when blooming, only by touch, it's in her hand. To make flowers to the same as the load of wine, the end is not like, the juvenile tour; not regret the dream of the place, just hate too hasty. Flowers bloom and fall, the eternal law of nature. The endless greed, not enjoy the flowers blooming like a piece of brocade, brilliant purples and reds. Sigh only Shao sound perishable, withering in meditation time, wushirenfei.

A life without a rehearsal, every scene is live, very cherish is true. An old stone arch bridge, across the river on the first croon 寰宇家庭. E Mizumi, the bridge is beautiful. Even the stone bridge as a crystal clear, mellow amanda. You have pure affection, and appreciate the beauty of the world. Warm sunshine moves back and forth in the micro gap of breath, refreshing, is the dust a fiber Yan Mo, muttering, naive, filled with that once unfathomable Gu Qing and the elegant shadow.

Countless quietly, his handsome touch of backs always for me to follow, courage, fantasy serial broke the heart is, but always be innocent interrupt. Sometimes, the first love is a very good thing. After all, young, Xu is unwilling, not to the Yellow River heart die. Countless throbbing all hope into action.

Jo: skillful a library, encounter, Cupid's arrow shuttle you and me. Although I have secretly loved you, but I heard your confession, I was stunned, I did not expect, but also never dare to think, in my secretly watching you, you treat me. Things such as static sealing, rain ticking become particularly loud, only I can understand that behind the heart. Due to the shy girl, my heart like a deer hit me also had to silence. This seems to have red, only by. Such as water, the soul is trapped to the end of love.

Have a blurred vision, water moon, feeling jianjue into bad night. Dye on the color of your color, and eventually set foot on the journey of life. Fortunately, the time of a lot of things, the past is past. Remember, once the words, if you well, is sunny Shopping in Hong Kong. Now, you might horseshoe is a beautiful mistake, not a man, but traveler.

You have you, I have my direction! Just have no taste in the heart, also hope you can You beauty.

Finally, who is smiling, the picture of yellow, what Chushao sound sings? For a moment, then the old time, who sigh joys and sorrows? Who wrote that long?



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