• 2015/4/27

enjoy the vent to my complaint



Is ignored in a street, an empty without context, lonely time. Is flourishing in full bloom in the summer, aloof suture without your cold and cheerless, lily is west wind and the rain of the night to read the thoughts of separation.

Shutter Windows before there is a piece broken slats Hong Kong attractions, empty attic can't suppress is full of laughter echoed you joy. Hold broken past the past, I heard the voice of the heart the cries of the dribs and drabs, I can't control mood moan, in the wind, in the corner crying!

You accompany me time gradually angular, I never remember you sad tumble how much tears of sad? You accompany me to spend every summer and winter with you smile hong kong business setup. You left me happy is to let a lot of people are incomparable innocence, that can't deliberately hide in your face innocence make you laugh, can you accompany me two warm summer.

You said your heart is like the lily, do you like the snow of winter, you begged me to fill all the story of snow falling for you. When you are happy like a butterfly, eyebrow eye blink long eyelashes read my story over and over, that day you made me simple as a child.

If I can always write down in my life, I promise you all my story to you leave a blank, write you happy, sad little drops down, and then gently as you read the years of the time lost.

The story of the world never to those who want to be happy and perfect ending, he likes to break the reality, rendering the end of the an incomplete in the eyes of people, in return for a touched, sad tears, then he smiled and gave the irony in a mocking tone you my story.

I've been blaming yourself enough devout heart, every late autumn dusk of the evening the dust between the fallen flowers. Surprisingly became each other's departure. From now on I fall dream frost cold night, tears are dry, the heart gradually dried up Neo skin lab. Your smile slowly from my fingertips, like snuff in the fall!

You are young, the suffering of life should not come too early. The moment you aphasia, fear of darkness is like night arrives, covered my eyes, I am afraid of that a moment to see your eyes. But you still care me! A few days and nights until you screaming, you still can't call my name. You all can not consider all stop, you broken the window glass, cut wrist, still read my name...

I love you, I dare not look into your eyes, as if the heart will be torn. Large room echoed you helpless cry smile, so small you weak figure, suddenly my tears like rain falling. Blame themselves too late, you haggard appearance face lost color. When I stroke your forehead, you are so quiet, eyes on me in large tears will squeeze out the eye socket. Do you want me to hold you will not afraid of you, you cry with, enjoy the vent to my complaint.




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