• 2015/3/5

Hate you like jiang floor



"Sad bridge spring green wave WIOM, was surprised hong to take a picture." There must be a kind of beauty, only in your heart. No matter what age, what place, what the environment, love seems to be the eternal theme. Whispers about love, there are a lot of tender feelings, often in their mouth, but awkward.

And the primary, spring Lin Chu sheng, the spring breeze miles, are not as good as you laugh the whole.

There is always a person, let you worried about is, not put, forget. "Life is a spoony, this hate isn't the wind and the month", there are too many acacia, forever burning in one's heart, only time, the fallen petal has no intention, it is permanent don't extinguish not go out.

Originally empty world of mortals, fill up with many of the fate. It can reopen, not to miss. Perhaps is casual rub shoulders, doomed life for each other.

"Leisurely in the southeast, a QuFeng for burn".

A song "chicken to burn" full of passionate love, not only moved ZhuoWenJun, so also touched countless peopleWIOM. Beautiful love story, always let a person infinite yearning, also is looking forward to, and one day, he would become the protagonist of this story.

But, in reality most, is the lovesickness for no apparent reason.

"Enter my lovesickness, know my lovesickness bitter", even the Bohemian li bai have such feeling, not to mention sad jun li yu of national subjugation, how a "naturally people hate ShuiChangDong" growth. As for our sentient beings, even can't hold acacia, abandon the infatuation. But all this is not about romantic, is not about others.

The moon has surplus and deficit, went and again, the flowers open, thanks again opened again, spring, summer, autumn and winter there year after year, a trickle in the year after year, only you, a life after don't followed.

"Hate you don't like jiang floor, north and south, north and south, only along without separation. Hate you like jiang floor, temporary also full kui, temporary also full kui, stay together how long is it?"

Waiting in the moonlight, such as the scenery to wait, but not to wait until people have to wait. So OuYangXiuCai said: "when the Lantern Festival this year, month and lamp still. See last year,WIOM full of tears spring shirt sleeve."




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