• 2014/10/22

with people



There are certain people and things, even if never met, but feel like; There are certain mountain and water Medicox, and even have never met, but aspire to Ruth.

Memory about lugu lake, is a blue day, wang green water, a shining star, a bearing the legend of bridge, a group of partners without trouble.

Arduous journey, if not, maybe beautiful joy would not be so strong at first, flight of zigzag mountain road with no end in sight, and always in the moment be suddenly enlightened to give the biggest reward.

Ethereal legend brings is not touching the mystery of the mosuo walking marriages generation in the eyes of the world like a veiled western foreign, attracting absorbs the travelers Medicox.

April girl country haven't send out all the vitality, withered grass sea a CuiCao of golden, hotel top floor observation deck, sun, wind, meadow, castle peak, all worth enjoying element in all show at the moment.

The pursuit of freedom, which is the biggest walking on the road, as the creator in the masterpiece the carefree leisurely, net clear night sky, it is only home to some memories.

Cool breeze kissed the cheek, three people, enjoy the whole night sky, distant mountains the rising moon Medicox, under the stars and cool silver.

Is essential to the natural, bright with the warmth of the sun, the waters of the sea wave mapping size waterinfo island, in the mountain walking marriages bridge, graham was the sichuan-yunnan segmentation of lugu lake is on the north and south between the different two kinds of views.

Sang all the way, straight to oblivion of innumerable, cool water on the beach, dockside old ship, the mysterious island lake, beautiful people in the lens.

Carefully repair grass sea bridge, generation of the naxi walking marriages beautiful legend, historical precipitation in this does not change for years on the bridge, as a perennial moso people one thousand years, never grow old.

Setting sun west bottom, a brilliant bay goddess, the evening is the most beautiful moment, in this piece of heaven and earth enthusiasm guide to take us to appreciate the beauty of this world, sunset silhouette is to give the gift of this world the moment between the jing is extraordinary.

Accompanied by straight told us that he is the first N orthodox mosuo royal generation successor, despite the false or true, but it is for us to show this with legendary national passion, and simplicity of mystery and unruly.

The vast night with the stars, the night sky in the lugu lake another unusual daydream to the person, a placid lake reflected the sky the stars, only your soup laughter cut halcyon, wandering on the yellow grass sea not far away.

Some meet, just pull the in a flash, seems to be in a hurry, looking at, is clearly reflected in the bottom of my heart, this go to years, seems like yesterday.

Some regret, in the waves of that a moment, in slowly slowly precipitation, a trace of bitterness, how much sweet.

This, the memory of the past years, seen scenery, with people.




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