• 2014/10/22

this thing in the world?



【 a 】

Creek pavilion, the setting sun, belongs to the boat. A to fireworks in the depth of the road. Egrets the sandpiper, small states, an ancient stone bridge.

Night falls, the landscape, there is a layer of light smoke dimly discernible. A sleep up, open your hazy eyes, see awning carmine went, like a beautiful stamp, in the margins. Good a landscape picture scroll, the original nature, is so beautiful.

A roll of westerly winds, a glass of wine, a few remnants in hechi. Find a winding path leading to a secluded spot place, lazy sat, slowly enjoy this quiet, night breeze languid is lazy blows, the heart of quietly elegant, not a little waves.

This is where a deep autumn? Just light yellow or pale green, summer lotus graceful, how fragrant, sweet osmanthus opened? The apricot blossom spring rain, TaoGongLiuLu, everywhere a quack of frog? Oblique flying swallow? Wallowing rape children? Where are all? Who stole my time? Autumn leaves fluttering down in the branches, beautiful, touching, bold, refuse. What is that kind of feeling? Light, if if not, this is the middle state of mind?

Understand already understand, don't know, also don't want to know anymore. A read down, feel at home. I was really put down, have a heart at ease. Heart is like a mirror, can only defilements, cannot be stored. I am a person without yesterday, live for today only. Alley, the courtyard, the fields, thousand cups of all light, chrysanthemums are everywhere, really is the autumn.

Came lanqiu chrysanthemum flower, also can not find a person, arranging flowers in her hair, her shy expression after wearing them. Her hair too short, instability, or in the autumn, also have the charm of the elders, do not know tao yuanming chrysanthemum is preferred. If the plug, if men. I am not afraid of, is a flower, more like a pig eight quit, was the goddess of the moon sister look, is not fun.

Cloud, clear water, reflection this bridge, sun quartermaster, green trees, the shadow of the flying bird. Such scenery, blue, grey and I want to see. The brain is empty, only the river landscape. What also don't want to, also do not need to think, because in addition to the immediate scenery, everything does not exist. That is the enlightenment? See mountain is mountain, water is still water.

【 2 】

After enlightenment, is peaceful. Landscape is in the heart, heaven and earth are in the heart, all things are in the heart. Just seen the United States eyebrow, quickly forget, love in the world, but is a pipe dream, white clouds change into grey dogs., fleeting. Say whatever you eternity is not eternal, not the afterlife afterlife, idle away one's, things change. Moon and stars, how can forever?

Month on the west wing, numbered images, a few dogs. Night, was so calm and so beautiful. The heart of the Yang bo. Have thought the qinhuai river, in the images JiangSheng sheng xiao, but can't find a zhu zi-qing and YuPingBo! Pretty woman, also in wave after wave, who is on the shore of sing backyard flower?

Perhaps, I have what do not need to put down. I forgot the past, once so intimate lover, name and almost forget, the fragrance of body, the temperature of the lips, are so far away, who remember who's birthday? Nothing is all with the wind! In the past have no, can't open, always wanted to write the story of the past, we'll never get back to the time of the -- the fallen petal. Forget, forget, have a heart at ease.

Memory is a picture, who steals the guy in the picture? Light shot from the window and who is who in the tender? The arms of who and who? The autumn wind blows over the way home, many souls are coming from home, left looking for past life memories.

A volume of poetry, a mark of distant mountains, a piece of paper and a pen, a light QingDeng, some misty rain, a few que world of mortals. Autumn scenery picturesque, far away, who quietly in the depths of time. If the sky, is the heart of a cloud, and how big is the sea? Shop open the inkstone, grinding, paper, paint, paint a few shadow thin flowers withered, several vicissitudes of life, keep the remaining listening to the rain, plus a monastery, a few more leakage, some fish.

The moonlight like water, and few pedestrians. In the moonlight, all the old things are a little pale, with a light sweet osmanthus fragrance. Invite the bright moon in a window, with the white romantic; Tori, picking a YuanMing natural and unrestrained. Not sad not pleased, do a quiet person, does not show hill, not dew, calm, enron. A reed crossing, gently a smile, is more comfortable than this thing in the world?

Deep mountain caves, jian, creek, GuJing. Great point fall river, the drive to win. I like this kind of comfortable, light, idle idle, without attachment. Wild stock or floating clouds, don't leave. Not bound by love, not for fame and wealth. Better do a free people, not for fame and wealth in the world. This life, only willing to open a little tender, on the Banks of the hedge, in nanshan, in ravines, have a heart to comfortable, ceases, fate, quiet.




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