• 2014/10/8

rain in the first place



Merely a line into the eye, eye acidity, mind, heart to complex poles, which has excited, with approval, has a sad, also has a sparse, and even came close to falling tears. No matter who comes from this sentence, I would like to serve him for a lifetime friend. Though I have read a lot of excellent work, during the moving, appreciation, admiration, and insight, but to be able to fit his heart, to the depth of the soul, only for one. Of course, not every passing people, to stay, put it in heart. Because understand, so didn't know the meaning wiom wisdom dairy.

"All lonely people, used to be a different number, from the mainstream, and the most, but it makes a depth and light." This short sentence, but contains countless poignant, forbear, lost and alone. Just think, a person in pursuit of the freedom of spirit, the pursuit of a don't be understood things, need to pay a heavy price for it, how many unknown effort. Bruno was killed, still insist on yourself. His scaremongering? That the sun is the core of earth around it. This is hundreds of years even the children know the truth, but in the most horrible heterogeneous were destroyed. Copernicus must have laughed at the human ignorance, but ignorance is the mainstream, is the most, is to follow blindly Bordeaux Wine.

I firmly believe, say this wordswiom 2, is a rich inner, and very alone person, has its own persistent belief and courage in the fight against the secular, seemingly weak, but it is executed. Perhaps, his friend very few, even only two or three, but these friends will be able to read his lonely, clear his heart. Actually, a friend and more if no one understand you, also is equivalent to a no. Suddenly remind of Lin huiyin tells a story of xu zhimo. Said xu in the British Royal Academy when one night, there was a heavy rain, but he did not change clothes, rain gear, excited like a child, ran in the rain, only to see the rainbow after the rain in the first placewiom wisdom dairy.




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