• 2014/9/17

is actually himself



To meet with you, is because past never let go of a hand? Is this life is doomed to have the big flower? Why have a special liking to you, why you lonely buddhahood. Its second buckish, the world of mortals Business study in china, not just for a dream not to wake? To revisit a never live to love? This life have you, all of the flowers are booming for me in my life, my mind was turned into a bright is the most brilliant a bouquet of flowers. Walking on the road is no longer I, that's just my soul stranger's home, my home of the traveler, expecting a dance you gathering pace in the water on the end of the world.

Fall in love with you, is the youth as a teenager, as if between children away a about me in the past 1 door, suddenly bumped into by thick mo! The tang dynasty's majestic, magnificent, song ci wen wan and spicy, yuanqu, and spicy and... All my mind dazzling. "Clear sky a crane line cloud, they quoted poetry to the blue sky." Is writing on the wings of take-off for me, let me in the vast sky fly like birds; Is the words gave me a lamp to illuminate life journey, let the young steps from then on, away from loneliness and helpless; Is the eye of the words gave me a look, the listening ear, beating heart baby strollers!

You have not simply mention, points, horizontal, vertical, curved, hook, skimming, si... Wonderful combination, and the combination of mysterious symbols into sentence group, you are the source of wisdom, history accumulation, human thought essence of the treasure. Roaming in the spring of aromatic bursts of the flower garden, still remember at that time, I was drunk teenager in the colorful time, smelling you endless youth, to pick you the most brilliant flowers!

The stillness of the night in the spring of deep, lamp sit alone and turn over records, the books that you very much.as thick clot incense as if should be wise about, in a spiritual feeling feast. "The son in sichuan yue: the dead, thereby generate." Let me know the life in the short time of flow. "Tuan whirlwind while elect nine miles" who let me on the zhuangzi romantic big wings. "Unfathomable, the door to all the best." More made me stare at ear master such as the thought of godwhite espresso cups.

And profound Chinese culture is so inclusive everything, weak water three thousand, only take a gourd ladle drink, but also is the endless river of molasses! And sages dialogue I found their own ignorance and small, shallow and ignorance. White water rafting in there, I picked up is but a drop of water in the sea, a surf in the torrent, but is enough to make me with English, tsui hua. I would like a lucky a beggar, go in rags, jinxiu return. Is feed to my shining shining golden words, from now on all the fish also Jackie chan!

Tagore said: "the light humans immortal, chains of bundling is black letters, in prison pages. Unpredictable when their uprising, broke the dead silence, burned letters fence!" How image and ambitious metaphor, he let me see, one by one word also is actually one independent fresh flesh and blood of life, they also will cry, laugh, have their own thoughts, will, will struggle, will resist, will give me the most because of my negligence slack off a loud slap. When I tried to gather them, and let them I want to be sound, only to find that I need to handle is not a gentle lamb, but a horse horse unruly horse.

I want to find out what I need most in a sprawling medley of the hands of each, let them according to my idea, combination, arrangement, break, combination and arrangement... Until the formation of an ordered array of open, naqu generous warsong tread ring my heart. And when I no longer, no longer religious as ever, they immediately become angry subversives rise up, fight, collision, displacement and escape... A waste paper.

It is not hard to imagine that this is a how difficult and complex work, it was a very confused confused journey, it is almost a no smoke of war. Conscience against the foolish, committed against the weak, at this moment, you are in combat and their own. Thus more admire those sages most holy, the university name, then all is that they paid their blood and lives to complete. That shines through time and space never extinguished the glorious makes me believe that love of words must be pious, fear, and do not act the role ofing in disguise, who violated her betrayal is actually himself.




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