• 2014/9/2

you never have intersection



Luxuriant words do not leave your alms, insipid comfort not to change your sad, broken memory scattered, each piece is deeply hurt my heart, a fool's monologue in exchange for your doesn't matter alexander hera wedding.

Sadness filled atrium, buries the sad tears, cold light sadness, when can play beautiful music, in the heart of scar who wait for comfort, air floating landing no pain.

Noisy music rendering the tranquility of the ear, lonely figure to sunset, dark alms lonely lonely, whether I really have nothing, with anguish, music anesthesia with explain lonely figure, with dark pain tolerance.

The sorrow of heart break ignorance of thoughts, light grief lost bitter mouth ~ with bitter unbearably smile, lost youth memorial alexander hera pre wedding

That I have a starting point, the but again let me hard to see the finish line, seemingly has everything, but nothing at all, seemingly happy, but sad lonely, in no one corner quietly like a dog licked his wounds, helplessness in front of the mirror, looked at his pale face tears alone. In my dreams I just chase, I woke up in late at night only I feel lonely.

Life is a journey to the unknown, we appreciate the butterflies fly in, we cooperate with my alter ego fog, car away quickly, with peak valley in life, we should, all just myself, the care of his population, it is just nothing alexander hera wedding

Try to change the number, change a character, a change of attitude, to start a no past, no worries, no worries of a new life, let the past is not repeated, let oneself not cowardly, let everything before cut off, with their started his journey alone.

No matter how dark the surroundings are, how helpless, have to face to the sunshine and firm go on. The wayward older because we already over.

When you no longer need me, I will be quiet fade out of your life, not started up a stir, you don't even know my existence.

Mask is not terrible, it is camouflage, protect their props. For too long, terrible is that wearing hidden too deep, when the mask off, will surprise discovery, his face, already and masks.

The beginning of life is but a had written over, we are all with a line of the puppet, toward the write good end run all the way, until... End of the road

Standing here, lonely, like a ray of light, the night don't care who see me shine...

Miss all into white snowflakes, open at the endless empty meng, as only learned the wind down quietly.

Years of pain, residues in the grandiose, unfocused lost youth in the long river of time, the imperfect memory flashed past glow the dribs and drabs.

Fell yesterday, I thought about it, or even forgotten, until now I do have the heart pain, a swing, I am willing to into a drop of rain, not smell life.

If you mean the spooky light in the darkness, not not dazzling, dazzling slowly silence during the long night. But no one thought of whether your heart has pain

Empty mind become more full, lonely make back more depression, let yourself free, dark wounds sadness silently accompany himself. Happy camouflage, throughout the body lock yourself firmly in the bottom of my heart, since then, insecurity ceases to beg. With luxuriant disguise deduce with his...

Hanging in the night, those laughter finally dissipated, remain silent, I always is so noisy, so as not to be quiet, to the heart sad, I think loneliness is born, but I want to hold I can have a warm, but, I'm very stubborn, don't want to feel warm, I am afraid, that warm like poppy, I am afraid of lust, one thousand the day warm gone, what should I do?

Tears across your sweet face, sadness filled the narrow space, look at you sad cry, there is nothing I can do, you hurt deeply hurt my heart

Lingering loneliness hidden in the memory, I wander in the depths of the memory looking for the only warm. My helplessness in front of the mirror, I in the dream chasing wildly, and I'm only in my night woke up feeling lonely, like a lost soul.

In the night looking for the moon light emitted light, looking to the eyes is only darkness. In the end only to find that I am looking for is just a dream, however, we wake up to face only fear and upset...

Revel in the music melody, want to stay in the quiet of the night. Banish the soul in the night boundless, doing nothing. Walking alone in the night...

If suddenly one night after the dream of the past for cruelty of reality, as thin as a gauzy memories gone, ignorant young mind fear, full of the classroom is so empty. Seeking to accompany but more lonely, the choice is right or wrong? I'm confused...

The dark through the endless sky weaving fantasy blueprint, thoughts had hidden in the dark, unable to open the glare of the lights is still not high core wall, fear, fear and desire, forcing himself struggling to find the ideal person hidden in the corner, even the original small wishes are difficult to achieve, be aware of the only lonely and disappointed ~ alone

Hovering between memory and reality, there are too many regrets, only to find that are taken for granted. Moonlight light up memories, because care so carelessly back into the darkness, and began to fear become overwhelmed, become empty heart began to nervous. A person living in this kind of long.

Feel the cold of the night, his cold shivering, watching the sunset is sending out of sadness, revel in the hint of sadness, caught a cold, feel don't care, the night is still so lonely, still bitter smile.

The night blind ignorance of eyes, inner struggle in pain and sufferings, right and wrong can't hear, can't distinguish love to hate, betray my own soul, to everything!

Years after all can't resist a disturbing to the world, parallel lines will be far away you and I split, seemingly very short indeed need to close all his life, when parallel lines have a intersection point, I will more and more far, you never have intersection.




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