• 2013/9/13

Autumn autumn language

Autumn autumn language

Morning on the way to work only to find that people are already quietly put on the autumn: long sleeves, pants, jacket... I will spare no effort to drag the summer's tail, wearing a short sleeved shorts walking in the bleak autumn wind tantric massage hong kong.

It seems every day is very busy, busy to have paid no attention to solar term changes, may have been a thick branch big man, friends slowly do mother, father, just the reaction come over the original raspberry flowers have opened, the spring of life is coming to an end, peers have entered the life of the summer at the end of the spring. I was wandering. Lucky or unlucky?

In the life of the late spring, feel the autumn chill. I always like the autumn, especially Shanghai's autumn, more leisurely slowly, going around. The northern autumn that cold, many southern graceful. A comfortable pair of jeans, a loose knit shirts, white shoes a pair of casual, casual Pisan Rubao long curly hair, one along a sparsely populated Phoenix Street has no target to feel the deep autumn, breathing the breath of autumn, cool, but not cold. Inspired by the foot with a gold like the leaves of the Chinese parasol, gently lift the footsteps, then fall...... The fall in Shanghai, the sense that gives a person is not urgent not dry, not cold not burn, like a sensible gentle virtuous women, cardinal manchester always considerate to be just perfect.

Now live in Zhengzhou, and only in the early autumn of time, can feel the gentle. Often it is more like a straight tempered man, from time to time will be sent to your temper changed face, so accidental one morning you'll find out, cold enough, must wear a thick coat. Slowly feel chill to the heart, had to put on clothes long underwear and sweaters. Chill a layer of more than one layer until we were sent to the full cold winter. I'm afraid of the cold nu skin, all the time, so keep the don't like winter.

Even if don't love, also know in the corresponding season to enjoy each season brings us strength, may be the most sensible, no matter how nostalgia blossom in warm spring, also slowly to adapt to the heat of summer, then can feel an invigorating autumn climate, finally ushered in the winter cold, a cycle. Life is just a journey is unidirectional non recyclable.

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