• 2013/12/31

Living law

Living law

The youth have life, middle-aged middle-aged life, elderly living law. Young people live is temperamental, varies according to sex, to act, dare to challenge, not afraid of the rules, that Tiger Mountain race. Knowing too much to drink will be drunk embroidery logo, also drink. Knowing the love a heart can break, would break.

Middle aged people living is. Understand human feelings, an accident. Do everything according to the rules, no more than a moment. To thirty years of age, they experience the youth chic and extravagance, suddenly found himself shoulders the burden is heavy, the body carrying more. A crowd, with his wife and children. In the home is the pillar, in the social backbone. They may be a bit less dream, but they are chasing is increasingly clear, the ideal is also more and more reality. They know what is now reaching enough that, what is the need to stand on tiptoe to have, what is the need to continue to create conditions to a. Therefore, they will go to work in order to these realistic goals, to. Although occasionally dreaming, but they generally don't actually go to a not too sure dream waste too much time and energy. They know very well, the society is run according to certain rules, these rules are the rules of the game, not just its own rules of the game. They know the rules of the game are important cloud. As long as part of the game, he will go to the game, according to the rules of the game to run, otherwise there may be given out. Therefore, they did not dare to venture the new in order to be different, to change the rules. Although sometimes make carping comments on the rules, but most of them would abide by the rules and is willing to maintain the already accustomed rules.

The elderly living is the mood. They experienced the life spring summer autumn winter, read the best of the phenomena in the world, has over 50 years. They also had to cry, had laughed, had drunk, also loved, hated, heart. They had also according to temperament handsome, have with others nature of life, now they unload the burden of life, although some reluctantly, but had to surrender the dominance of life. Therefore, they put all of the burden, want to live, to live according to your mood. They don't like young people as the impulse, they have to be rational, therefore, they are quietly cast envious glances at the young people to play, play, watching the middle-aged people bustling about each other. They just look, appreciate and will not participate in the. They are from the bottom of the hill climb to the top of the hill, and has started to go down, they feel the taste of the mountain, they already know what is the mountain that. Now they want to quietly appreciate the taste CCIBA, aftertaste a read to the scenery. So many times, they will tell their stories, but unlikely to create a story.


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