• 2015/8/10

“It can be sufficient to say

I have a health issue that requires some close medical surveillance; t

Even though it has been years since she was diagnosed, Leviner still deals with having to share information with people she has often just met. “Because I have a restricted diet that requires asking restaurant servers a lot of questions, I'm in the position where I have to explain myself whenever I'm out eating with someone new, especially from work,” she said.  “This can easily put the disclosure in the ‘TMI’ [too much information] category since it’s not unusual to meet a new acquaintance or professional contact over food.” Leviner has found that when people don't know about Crohn's disease, most will ask what's involved. “I pretty much just bulldoze over their discomfort."

Positive reaction

If a colleague is having health issues, people rarely respond negatively, said Dr Lorraine Tilbury, founder of personal and professional development firm HorsePower International, based in France’s Loire Valley. “I've always found that communicating that there is a health/family emergency issue that's affecting your availability at work is nearly always received with empathy and understanding,” she said in an email. “After all Dream beauty pro, life events of that type will happen eventually to everyone.”

No need to overshare

Don’t feel that you must provide more details than necessary, Tilbury said. “It can be sufficient to say, ‘I have a health issue that requires some close medical surveillance; thus there will be times when I'll be less available than I was in the past Dream beauty pro hard sell. My appointments are made sufficiently in advance for me to alert you to when I will be less/not available’."

When you do decide to share what's going on, have a back-up plan in place if possible. That way, you can also add: “When I'm not available and there's an urgent matter that needs my attention, you can rely on [this person] while I'm away,” suggested Tilbury Dream beauty pro hard sell.

Might take it personally



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