• 2014/6/19

impatient person


The beginning of June is the hardest time of the year for me, garden-wise. All my seedlings are in the ground, and now I just have to give them time: times for tomatoes to swell up and turn from green to gold or red, time for the beans to start winding themselves up the trellis, time for the cucumber vines to sprawl and begin bearing fruit discount designer sunglasses. I’m a pretty impatient person, so the wait feels so long!

It is times like these that I fall back on the few things that are producing in the garden: the salad greens and the herbs. And the beauty of growing herbs is that you have every incentive to use them. Not only do they add a lot of flavor to any dish Private Cloud, but the more you harvest them, the more they will produce.

Over the past few years, my three tiny little chive plants have blossomed into giant masses of onion-y greens that are over a foot long. While I’m using chives in everything I can think of, I know I still won’t be able to use them all. So I’m freezing a bunch of chopped chives, which means I can enjoy them all year long.

Freezing chives couldn’t be easier iPhone cover. There’s no blanching involved, like you’d find with a lot of other herbs and vegetables.



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