• 2019/5/29

Hong Kong won in immigration and catering


  Asian airports dominate Skytrax Planet Airport awards as Changi, Tokyo Haneda, Seoul Incheon and Hong Kong all make the very best five

  Hong Kong’s solid effectiveness in dining could be traced to a rise in high-end, gourmet dining solutions which includes Beef & Liberty, Caviar House & Prunier and Lady M patisseries. Photo: K.Y. Cheng

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  Hong Kong took the consolation prizes of finest immigration and eating experience on Thursday as Singapore’s Changi Airport extended its run as the world’s finest airport for a seventh consecutive 12 months.

  Asian airports took the lion’s share of accolades at the annual Skytrax Entire world Airport awards for 2019. Tokyo Haneda, Seoul Incheon and Doha all came ahead of Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA), which slipped to fifth, equalling its lowest position in the rankings since 2010.

  Hong Kong maintained the title for best airport dining experience for the third year managing and also secured the award for immigration services, run by the Security Bureau’s Immigration Department.

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  HKIA was also in the best 10 for shopping, leisure amenities, dining, airport transit, hotels and airport security, cleanliness and staff services.

  How Singapore airport outperforms Hong Kong’s for wellness

  The airport, which had 75 million passengers fly in and out last 12 months, was not ranked in the 10 greatest for its terminal, its revamped website nor the speediness of baggage delivery.

  Hong Kong airport was not ranked in the very best 10 for its terminal, its revamped website nor the speediness of baggage delivery. Photo: Fung Chang

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  In one of the newer categories, Hong Kong was ranked eighth best for passengers with reduced mobility and accessibility, despite garnering some unwanted publicity in recent months with cases of disabled passengers being denied travel by an airline.

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  The airport had tried to address the slow transfer of bags by taking over some services from ground handlers and charging airlines a fee for every piece of luggage put on the carousel.

  HKIA, which won the highest accolade in 2011, has maintained a place in the best 10 of the Skytrax rankings since 2010, though has twice before dropped to its low of fifth, in 2016 and 2017.

  The airport is spending HK$144 billion (US$18.3 billion) to add a third runway and new passenger terminal through land reclamation, expected to be completed by the conclusion of 2024.


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