• 2018/8/29

with adhesion to see new


Qing palace glass oil painting furniture

With the prevalence of glass painting in China, this decoration technology from western countries began to be applied to furniture production, especially on screen furniture.

Red sandalwood side seat white sandalwood heart glass painting screen

According to the working documents of the building office, more than half of the screens made in yongzheng period were covered with glass inlays.

Qing yongzheng black painted mudgold covered with white wings glass

As mentioned above, "the history of guangdong and guangdong supervision and supervision," zu binggui showed a large sheet of plate glass, in fact, he also showed a "glass screen" with a nanmu seat.

It is not hard to feel that this kind of glass screen as a new decoration is very popular for a while.

Clear painting flower glass small screen length 20cm wide 26cm

The order to "find out all the glass screens again" was included in the wooden record of yongzheng in the third year (1725). At the same time, it was even recorded that:

A glass screen, with adhesion to see new, glass damaged areas are all made bamboo joint block, qin this.

If the glass on the glass screen is damaged, it is not actually removed and replaced with new films, but the use of technological means to block. This, visible crystal glass at that time precious degree.

(this screen was composed of wooden frame and glass painting in Ming dynasty during the reign of emperor qianlong in qing dynasty)




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