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What is glass painting


What is glass painting?

Glass painting

Vitreous oil painting is to point to the drawing on the glass with the material such as oil color, water powder, traditional Chinese painting pigment, the transparent side that USES glass is being admired on the color, colour is bright and intense.

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Anonymous Chinese painter a Chinese painter is painting a glass back in paper ink about 1800

Oil painting on glass is different from ordinary painting, which is painted directly on the back of glass, while the picture is viewed on the front.

Its drawing method is to draw close scene first, draw distant scene after, use distant scene to press close scene. Especially the characters' features, it is not easy to draw them vividly.

Anonymous Chinese painter a Chinese painter is painting part of a glass back painting dating back 1,800 years

In Europe, 18th-century glass paintings were known as Back painting, which was "the exact opposite of what was painted on canvas and wood, and which was done on the Back of the glass, and which could be clearly seen on the front".

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Anonymous Chinese painter scene of western figure painting glass back painting

Glass paintings were first used in Roman Catholic iconography in the 15th century. By the 18th century Europe had fallen out of fashion because of the difficulty in drawing.

However, in the port of guangzhou from the 18th century to the 19th century, glass oil painting was very popular and even became an important type of painting for guangzhou painters to export.

Clear framed glass figure painting

Clear glass painting ladies rectangular wine box

At that time, a westerner named De Guigue called guangzhou as the center of Chinese glass painting in his travels, and recorded the specific painting method of guangzhou glass painting Cochrane review:

Chinese artists like to use thin glass mirrors as drawing boards, because thick glass mirrors make colors lighter and affect the effect of the picture. They often painted in oil paints, sometimes with a mixture of gum and paint. The artist first drew the outline of the pattern, then used a special steel tool to remove the tin and mercury from the corresponding part of the back of the mirror, in order to trace out a clear mirror to paint the pattern.

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An idyllic wine glass painting

The themes of glass oil paintings produced in guangzhou are mostly produced in response to the needs of "Chinese interest" in Europe. The themes are mostly taken from natural landscapes, flowers and birds and auspicious and ruyi patterns. The other part is influenced by western paintings, which include western architecture, cars, boats and figures.




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