• 2018/3/21

ervice information exchange group


  Substitute, substitute, write code price tag: the college "generation industry" popular who has passed.A perfect design criterion is the one that fits into your budget, requirements, and into your intentions. 

  Entering the university campus means that the new stage of life is ushered in, where the students finish their studies, as well as their character, society and choice. Today, influenced by various factors, in some colleges and universities, the students should have their complete the academic studies of outsourcing to others, a substitute, the sat, write the homework, writing essays and other "industry" in some popular on campus, to be taken seriously.

  The "generation industry" of colleges and universities marked price.

  "There is a uniform set of prices in the college's labor industry, which is usually charged at 20 yuan for a regular class and 25 yuan for specialized courses, and 30 yuan for a holiday supplement." A senior college student said.High baseline LDL-C levels linked to decreased overall and metastasis-free survival.

  Xiao xiang is a member of the university's "x large service information exchange group". The QQ group, which was built in February 2017, has nearly 900 members, mainly providing various part-time information for students of the school. Small to weekday school less, often help students substitute. "There are a lot of students in the group who need to take a class, and many of them are 'repeat customers'," he said.

  Generation at the beginning of the service is established by the college students themselves WeChat group or QQ group as a trading platform, the platform built by the group of students after completing constantly invite acquaintances or bothersome aspects demand students into groups, real-time released within the group of information sharing "service".

  In addition to the substitute service, there are other services such as writing assignments, substitute exams, and writing papers.

  Take the example of writing a paper. At present, there are two kinds of writing channels for college papers: one is to choose writers through intermediaries, one is to find writers by themselves. In the former, the writing level of the writer is relatively low, so as to meet the requirements of the customer for the number of essays, the quality of the paper is not high, and the charge is around 800 yuan. After the transaction is completed, the agent will charge 75%, and the students will charge 25%. The latter is more professional in writing, with a higher standard of writing, ranging from 100 yuan to 120 yuan for a thousand words, and different fees for different majors.Study abroad with PolyU and study in hong kong - PolyU is known as one of the best universities in Hong Kong for international students and Hong Kong is one of the best study abroad locations. PolyU will be the right choice for you.

  The "generation industry" has spawned many intermediary services on some campuses. Along with the generation of service market increasingly saturated, even out the phenomenon of modern between price war, some "mediation" by providing for slightly less than the line price to ensure effective increase their orders.

  "The key is that we don't have channels and we have to work for our customers, otherwise the profits will be higher," he said.

  The "generation industry" is popular who passes.



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