• 2015/11/18

From a child's point of view

From a child's point of view

Some children lively nature, like performance, parents let the child development expertise in this area is also acceptable. But it should allow the child to focus on what he likes  SEO Hong Kong  , rather than what he likes to give him the benefits of utility, such as fame and award. When it comes to this, I think of the two articles that I have read recently. One is Zhang Wuchang's "going into the world of learning", said that there is a study in the United States of Chinese students, because they can not renew, and shot a mentor and then commit suicide. Zhang Wuchang combined with his own experience in the year of the analysis of the reasons is not immersed in knowledge, but to consider too much of the additional knowledge of the additional factors, leading to the pressure is too large, overwhelmed.
If you are absorbed in learning, you can't break it. Another example is, Long Yingtai to the eldest son of Prince Andrey's letter said, in being a hippo administrator and the choice of Wall Street bank manager, if Andrea like animal studies dermes, that she as a mother won't feel bank manager to have a sense of achievement, or hippopotamus administrator of mediocre.
Through these two stories I think, parents can cultivate children's interest, but do not cultivate children's interest in the idea of fame and fortune. As long as the children like the beneficial physical and mental interest, can be developed thermage. For children's training, I think that really should be as Guo Tuotuo said, "the nature of the wood," we should also "Shun Zi's nature".


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