• 2019/1/31

National Academy of Economic Strategy



  Li Baochun, Deputy Secretary-General of WTCF, Yan Kun, Secretary with the Celebration Committee of , CASS, shipped speeches in the meeting. Francisco Escobar, Ambassador of panama, shipped the keynote speech. Song Rui, Director of TRC-CASS and WTCF special specialist, launched the key investigation outcomes during the Report.

  Li Baochun identified that as a way to additional analyze and choose the trends in the international tourist industry, predict its foreseeable future prospective clients, promote the sustainable advancement, expose its once-a-year attributes, and much better provide WTCF customers, WTCF has publicly unveiled the "Report on Environment Tourism Economic system Trends" due to the fact 2016, sharing the study results with world wide counterparts and delivering decision-making references and intellectual help for governments, relevant towns and the tourism market.

  Yan Kun considered that tourism embodies cultural trade, social communication and trade, as well as acts being an important drive to attach the world, deepen cooperation and push development. With global progress slowing down and trade frictions rising, it's of terrific significance to study the developments from the worldwide vacationer field, provide insights in to the changes, stick to the tendencies, make favourable initiatives and innovate constantly CHENG Bonnie Hayden.

  Francisco Escobar, Ambassador of panama, on behalf of intercontinental businesses, congratulated and spoke remarkably on the launch with the Report.

  In accordance with the content of your Report, a forum dialogue with the concept of "Connecting the planet of Tourism" was held. Under the dual background of the present changes in tourism usage desire as well as the intensification of level of competition in the vacationer destination market. Attendees such as Wang Dingguo, Vice Chairman of Chongqing Cultural and Tourism Growth Fee, Thandukwazi Nyawose, Financial Counselor of South African Embassy in China, Ge Yujing, Vice president of Tuniu, Gao Yanhong, Head of WeChat pay Tourism Field, Cao Zhigang, CEO of Dragon Trail Interactive, and so on. centered on the "Connectivity" of tourism, reviewed tourism growth developments, and shared their opinions on how to make vacationer locations additional desirable to be able to have an in-depth dialogue and interpretation of the Report.

  The total quantity of global holidaymakers in 2018 attained 12.1 billion persons, a boost of 580 million men and women around the preceding calendar year, with a development level of 5.0%. Compared with 2017, the growth charge dropped by 0.seven p.c, and the complete revenue of intercontinental tourism attained 5.34 trillion US dollars, accounting for six.1% of global GDp, a lower of 0.4% more than the preceding calendar year. It's believed which the overall variety of global travellers will achieve 12.seventy six billion in 2019, with a expansion price of 5.5%. As opposed with 2018, the growth amount will rise by 0.five %. The entire international tourism income will get to 5.fifty four trillion US dollars, accounting for six.0% of global GDp.

  The Report follows the earlier analytical framework, focuses on the perspectives of global, regional, country, industry and town ranges and tends to make a panoramic investigation with the development developments with the global tourist business from seven aspects such as international tourism economic developments, regional advancement sample modifications, global tourism expense plus the function of metropolitan areas while in the worldwide tourist business.

Receive the latest research and statistics of travel tourism industry research, such as monthly visitor arrival reports, to keep up-to-date with travel industry trends


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