• 2013/10/17

Love is kind accommodate


1 I have many a dream , every dream you have inside .VPN HK
2 Fortunately, love is not everything , but fortunately all is not love .
3 The best love is what ? In fact, to find love with people . Let him make you laugh , cry with you , along with the poor , the same good fortune . Small house to live in a big house, from two of the world into a family of three. Not earth-shattering , nor pains and sorrows , is so very calm , the days off into forever . The best love, just easy life , small world , small emotions.
4 feelings are a variety of human feelings, thoughts , and behavior of a comprehensive psychological and physiological state, is generated by external stimuli psychological reactions and accompanying physiological responses , such as: joy, anger , sadness and joy , etc. . Subjective feelings of personal experiences and feelings , often with mood , temperament , personality and temperament related .
5 feet of water poured every day you want to find a man , it is hard . But to find a man pour milk is very easy. You want to find a handsome rich and loyal man , probably very difficult . But to be able to support his family and to find a honest man, very easy. To find a good man's focus is to understand contentment . The best one , not the conditions are good , but a hello . Man life, there can be specific for Hello people , it is content with it .storage shelving
6 to do what is good, do not do love slaves. Particularly despise some people, a love to talk about , and do not work on the family and do not even life is not it . Parents should support you for several decades, is to let your devotion to the White Wolf of it ? Even if a man be bitchy , but also talk about worth it. Others Hello , you return a hundredfold. Others are bad for you , let him roll far far .
7 There are many men love . Some men love is just rhetoric, some men love it wholeheartedly pay. So, do not be flashy words moved. A naive woman, usually only be moved by each other's actions . If a man really likes you , it must be manifested to you Well. If he is bad for you , and said , what use is it more like ?
8 love a person can carry her everything , even to give up everything for her . So, when someone says to you , in order to cause as position, because academic reasons and so can not be together , do not think that really is a reason . The only reason , but he does not love you only.
9 can be for life without which of love . Because all love comes from human emotions, love comes and goes too fast . Regardless of a few days or a few months , will slowly dull down . But this is not the end , make you fall in love together, and each of you make a habit of life . Love is very short, able to maintain long habit . Therefore , only when love becomes a habit , be considered for life .
10 . Difficult to love a person , then why not wait somebody love How about you ? What options do you love or love you , this is nonsense, but in life to marry a man only, of course, is to choose a you love and who love you , are indispensable. Do you think a one-way love can , in fact, wrong ah. We are searching for so long , is to find mutual love that person. Marriage is a kind of heating , we must give each other warm.
11 two people in love , that is sure to break up trouble times . Because together a long time, will ignore each other's advantages , but picky trivial shortcomings. Together, the longer the more indifference on OK . So, occasionally quarrel is love reconcile agent. Only trouble broke after two people really face the risk of losing , you will think of each other's good . / sg.qsgct999.cn lose before I discovered precious , this is the true meaning of love .
12 Some love , even if you pains , exhaustion of strength , groveling , it is impossible to retain it . Is not destined you can not love , but you two inappropriate. Two life unsuitable people in the spirit of love , but the more love the more tired . Love is not everything , really to be together , not rely on feelings, but in love for each other changed. Love is kind accommodate .iphone 3g cases

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