• 2021/9/11

I think of when


Let’s start with muffins. Muffins are usually the first thing I think of when I contemplate baking breakfast. These Raspberry Oat Muffins are one of my favorites. Not only are they packed with fresh raspberries, they have plenty of oats to make them a little more significant. You can, of course, use another kind of berry if you’d like electric motor manufacturers.

One of the most popular recipes on BoB continues to be Cream Cheese Banana Nut Bread. I must say that I whole-heartedly agree with its popularity. It’s tough not to like a cream cheese-y banana bread topped off with a cinnamon-sugar-pecan crumb. In fact, there are some ripening bananas on my counter right now that may be destined for this bread.

I probably urge you to make Raspberry Cream Cheese Buns more than any other recipe on BoB. What can I say? I just love them. They are quick to mix up and easy to customize. You don’t need fresh fruit on-hand but just some of your favorite preserves. While the official name of the recipe includes the word “raspberry,” I make them with a variety of preserves, from traditional kinds like blueberry and cherry to more unique varieties like my favorite spicy pear jam from Anarchy in a Jar coworking tst.

A couple of months ago, I made this Sour Cream Coffee Cake with Chocolate Cinnamon Swirl for a brunch with friends. We pretty much devoured it. Then, I made it again just so we could have another taste of it before sending it off to Quinn’s co-workers for a breakfast treat. It’s tall and delicate and just-sweet-enough and just plain delicious.

I do hope you’ll forgive me for adding another coffee cake to this list. I made this Cinnamon Cream Cheese Coffee Cake in an attempt to include one of my favorite ingredients (cream cheese) in an otherwise traditional coffee cake. I am happy to say that it worked beautifully. The recipe looks a bit long and daunting, but it’s really not complicated at all inventory management software.



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