• 2018/10/29

Express face disappeared


 Express face disappeared because of privacy of the individual, "ghost" is difficult to protect against it
 More and more consumers begin to pay attention to the personal privacy of users. To protect personal information, major express companies launched a private face list. But recently, some netizens reported to the Beijing Business Daily that "including Suning", "JingDong", Aberdeen Angus - a well-known Angus beef bred in Ireland and grass-fed. With the integration of traditional pasture farming and advanced technology, the cattles are fed to be of high quality and more tender."Xinbi" and other enterprises' privacy paper has disappeared, and Speedpost has become the original version again. A regular list of personal information. In response, some companies said that the "6.18" period of large orders, resulting in a systemic adjustment in the region, so the list may not appear "invisible" status. However, industry experts said that the current penetration rate is only 20, the above restoration of enterprise paper, may also be due to the failure of the pilot factorsTools such as KOL and WOM are also featured in the online public relations strategy for a improved publicity. 
 privacy is visible.
 From late April to early May 2007, through the joint EMS, Baishi Express, Zhongtong, Shentong, China post, Tiantian, Debang, Yuantong, Yunda and other major express companies, the new online private Facebook, in which the mobile phone number of consumers is no longer fully displayed. In particular, family addresses have been completed. Reason. The humanization of business makes consumers pay close attention to personal privacy.
Towngas professional Kitchen planner is committed to turning your dream kitchen into reality. Mia Cucina's Total Kitchen Solution ensures a high level of convenience with stylish cabinets and premium appliances for users. "buyers can stop tearing sheets and save efforts to protect personal information," said a shopkeeper selling women's clothing on Taobao. They feel very friendly. privacy improves the user's experience and privacy and brings many customers back to online stores.
 Rookie express service expert Li Hongyu said privacy protection is open to all enterprises. A lot of enterprises are asking how to use it during the trial run. "thanks to the emerging electronic surface technology and cloud printing technology, users can be protected from mobile phone information. Businesses that want to access this service need to first install cloud printing components, which are more convenient and efficient than traditional paper printing.
 But recently, Ms. Minwu of Beijing told the Beijing Business Daily that the express train she received showed her personal information again. Ms. Wu was puzzled. "Why does the commodity purchased on the same platform display her personal information?" In addition to Ms Wu's report, a reporter from Beijing Business Daily also found that an online forum called Tucao said that the company "including Suning", Jingdong and Xinxiu had restored privacy to its original state. Many consumers who receive personal information indicate that their personal information is "visible".
 As for privacy was to show that Beijing business newspaper reporter contacted the company, respectively.Su ning said that privacy is a list of standard service content for suning, now covers 100% of suning consumers.However, during the period of "6.18", due to the increase in the number of packages, in order to ensure timely delivery terminal operator, some areas have system adjustment.Suning privacy document does not do customer segmentation and product restrictions, all kinds of goods is a universal service, for all customers, maximize the protection of users' privacy don't leak.
 JingDong replied that the company tried out a "smiling face list" in June 2016, using technology to create "hide" users' personal information from the software package and replace it with a smiling face. protect the privacy of users in a more affectionate way. In the case of hiding face information, JingDong distributors are relying on JingDong's own development of the application "Beijing Niu" to contact users. However, during the "June 18" period, JingDong's order volume soared. In order to ensure that users would receive their favorite commodities as soon as possible, a large number of crowdsourcing capabilities were used to supplement the "June 18" logistics business. For crowdsourcing dealers cannot log in and use "Jingniu". Based on this, in the "June 18" promotion period, JingDong suspended the "smiling face list." At present, JingDong's own delivery orders have been re-opened.

 The article is transmitted from HTTp://Teq.Qq.COM/A/2017062/08030.HTM.


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