• 2017/9/6

Putting these 5 kinds of things on your bed will affect your health


Abstract: often awakened by bedside alarm clock will lead to chronic stress, causing high blood pressure, A glass disposable vape pen cartridge looks extremely fascinating! It has a metallic body, which looks better when a glass cartridge is added to the posterior part! These are similar in size to that of normal cigarettes.sleep quality decline and depression and other issues. The alarm clock should be kept 1.8 meters or farther away from the bed.


Soft cushions, fresh green plants, alarm clocks, almost all the small things at the head of every bed, are likely to affect your health all the time.


1. pillows


Some people love the pillows on the bed, bed piled up at the side, so have the effect on the cervical spine and sleep. First of all, the most appropriate pillow height is 10 to 12 cm, and pillows, pillows together will increase its height; secondly, you will hide some pathogenic microorganisms, mites, dust, by inhalation oronasal easily induced bronchial problems; finally, there will be pressure caused by debris bed psychological give, while occupying space, let people sleep uncomfortable.


2. alarm clock


Often awakened by the bedside alarm clock will lead to chronic stress, so that people have high blood pressure, sleep quality and depression and other issues. The alarm clock should be kept 1.8 meters or farther away from the bed.


3. green plants


Green plants can purify the air, increase the oxygen content, relieve tension, but the green plant respiration at night by inhalation of oxygen and release carbon dioxide, easy to make people a long time in a hypoxic environment, it is difficult to enter deep sleep, causing persistent fatigue. In addition, the soil may hide a large number of mold, placed in the bedside will cause respiratory diseases, such as allergies or asthma. If you need a small amount of plants to decorate, can be placed Fuguizhu hydroponic plants or cactus plant etc..


4. radio and other small appliances


Any electrical appliances should be away from the bed, there are some appliances while small in size, but the amount of radiation is not, such as radio, mobile phone charger, a small anti mosquito lamp. If you really need it, you'd better put it in a corner away from the bed. The socket must be at least 2 meters far away from the head, otherwise the energized radiation becomes large, affect health.


5. plush toys


Plush toys surface easily hidden dirt, bacteria and formaldehyde, and some "three noes" plush toys are filled with harmful chemical fiber, easy to make people cry, erythema, and even cause respiratory and skin infections. Don't put any plush toys in your bedroom, especially if you don't want your baby to sleep.



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