• 2013/10/24

Vent finished after dry tears


 Could no longer restrain from their feelings, tears overflow the eyes , he has been forbear to this , there is no fall in front of people , g-suite manchester now just want to enjoy the catharsis, only in this little nest before they can own unbridled cry.
    Vent finished after dry tears .
    Their laughter , not mine ......
    Later days full of confusion , do not know how too . Toast to invite the moon , drinking to forget , but the wine Where ? Only everything from scratch .
    Since then, he fall in his own inner world , outside of everything to do with him does not matter.
    Occasionally overlooking the distance , hoping to see some familiar people . He ignored a busy people , g-suite in oldham just as he ignored everyone else .
    Whether he was cold to anyone faint , like a passionless ice .
    Experienced great hopes dashed , his mind seemed undergone tremendous changes , more of a calm mind inexplicable , one indifferent .
    Day , not because of your ideas may change.
    Sorrow is mine, and their happiness has nothing to do with me ......
    That world shattered , but still timeless .
    Real lonely, is not abandoned by the whole world , but living among the bustling downtown , g-suite cardinal manchester and let herself look left the world and independence.
    Flowers is karma thousand years ago , eight years after that fruit is good fortune, not suffered terribly, how to harvest the joy ? Flowers have opened a welcome, some things are meant to be.

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