• 2018/2/5

Asset quality improvement


Improved asset quality has also boosted Banks' earnings growth. Beijing business daily found that of the 26 listed a-share Banks, only four saw their non-performing loan ratio rise in the first half of the year, two were unchanged from the beginning of the year, and 20 saw their non-performing loan ratio decline.

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Among the 20 Banks that saw their nonperforming loan ratios fall, agbank saw the biggest drop. The NpL ratio at agricultural bank was 1.62 percent at the end of June, down 0.19 percentage points from the beginning of this year, according to the middle report. The non-performing loan ratio of both China merchants bank and wujiang bank dropped by 0.18 percentage points.

Among the five big state-owned Banks, agbank still has the highest non-performing loan ratio. However, agbank's nonperforming loan balance has decreased, down 8.137 billion yuan from the beginning of the year. In the first half of this year, the bank achieved a "double dip" in non-performing loan balance and non-performing loan ratio. Agricultural bank increased its disposal of non-performing assets by 19 packages in the first half of the year, with an average principal recovery rate of about 43 percent, and plans to dispose of more than 125 billion yuan of non-performing assets this year, said zhao huan, the bank's president, at a briefing on the results.

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Notably, overall non-performing loan ratios in the banking sector rose in the first half of this year. A few days ago, the bank of China insurance regulatory commission released the data of the main regulatory index of the banking industry in the second quarter, showing that the non-performing loan ratio of commercial Banks was 1.86% at the end of the second quarter, up 0.12 percentage points from the end of the last quarter. However, listed Banks still maintain a good ability to control asset quality. Apart from pudong development bank and jiangyin bank, the non-performing loan ratio of the other 24 Banks is lower than the industry level.

Dong ximiao, a visiting fellow at the chongyang institute for financial studies at renmin university of China, said that on the one hand, the overall economy is under great downward pressure, which brings some pressure on the operation of Banks. On the one hand, the adjustment and tightening of regulatory requirements will also push up the non-performing loan ratio anatomy illustration.

"Banks' non-performing loan ratio is expected to continue to rise slightly in the future." Dong ximiao pointed out that the next step of the bank's disposal of non-performing loans is still very heavy, and the pressure to prevent and control financial risks is still very great.



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