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The Landmark Of Auckland- Skycity Auckland Casino

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Skyline View

First-class Casino Hotel

The Landmark Of Auckland- Skycity Auckland Casino


iGUIDE CASINO is coming the Sky Tower which is a tower for sightseeing in Auckland, New Zealand. Located in the center of city, Sky Tower is 328 meters high and also the highest building in the south hemisphere ranking the 13th high in the world. The unique appearance and height has made Sky Tower the landmark of Auckland, so it often appears as the country’s symbol in traveling advertisement or propaganda.。


360-Degree Panoramic Spectacular Scenery – Skycity Auckland Casino Hotel

Auckland is not only the biggest city in north island but also one of the popular sightseeing sites. Skycity is loved by lots of Asian tourists. Besides climbing up to the top of Sky Tower watching the view below, you can enjoy the bungee jumping or have fun dining in the 360-degree-full-view restaurant.

The Landmark Of Auckland- Skycity Auckland Casino

Skycity lies on the corner of Victoria Street and Federal Street, also the center of Auckland Business District, New Zealand. Skycity is the only legal casino in Auckland with integrating hotel, restaurants, entertainment, shopping and casino in one. Auckland Skycity Entertainment Center owns two five-star-hotel, first-class dining area with lots of restaurants and bars, and a theater that can accommodate 700 people. Here customers can enjoy the multiple entertainment, cuisines, beverages, good views and the world-famous casino! This high-class casino is a must to go when you visit New Zealand!

The Landmark Of Auckland- Skycity Auckland Casino

The Tall Sky Tower Is Magnificent, and So Is the Night View of Skycity.

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Auckland Skycity Casino – The First-class Service In The World

Lying in the second floor of Sky Tower, Auckland Skycity Casino provides the first-class service and facilities including more than one hundred game tables and “Take the Tiger” consoles. Aside from giving a try on gambling, customers can admire the 360-degree-full-view at the top of Sky Tower, enjoy the meals in the scenic restaurant to observe the different views in daylight and at night or relax in East Day SPA Center.

The Landmark Of Auckland- Skycity Auckland Casino

“You can’t say you’ve been to New Zealand without experiencing the top entertainment place.” It’s a saying that goes between tourists that have been to Auckland Skycity Casino.

The Landmark Of Auckland- Skycity Auckland Casino

Auckland Skycity Casino is all year and 24-hr opened except Christmas, Good Friday and ANZAC Day. Skycity Casino is not opened from 3 am to 1 pm in these three days.

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The Only Legal Casino In Auckland – New Zealand Skycity Casino Hotel

The multiple choices of entertainment impress every tourist that have been here. In order to attract more Asian gamblers, they hire lots of staffs speaking Asian language including Chinese, Cantonese, Malaysian, Japanese and Korean, etc. Skycity Casino owns more than 1700 “Take the Tiger” consoles, over 130 game tables serving from Classic Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat to Poker. They also prepare VIP rooms for big gamblers to play in private places with higher quality of services. There are professional staffs who can answer your inquiries anytime if you are new to the rules of casino. If customers consume to a specific level, they can win the chance to stay in the five-star hotel in Sky Tower for one night! There are so many good services and facilities to satisfy all the tourists!

The Landmark Of Auckland- Skycity Auckland Casino

Top-class Casino in the World Having Multiple Choices on Game Consoles and Table Games.

The Landmark Of Auckland- Skycity Auckland Casino

Ranging from Baccarat, Classic Blackjack to Roulette, VIP Room Providing High-class Service.
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The Most Popular Entertainment Place In Skycity Casino Hotel

Skycity Hotel is one of the most popular hotels in New Zealand. It’s not only a relaxing place to stay in Auckland City but also the top-class entertainment place. Tourists can feel the convenience, and all their needs can be satisfied here. Skycity Hotel has modern spacious suites with sea views enabling tourists to take a closer look at the port and the city while staying in the luxurious rooms.

The Landmark Of Auckland- Skycity Auckland Casino

Aside from the world-famous casino and Sky Tower, there are exotic food providing in well-known Italian restaurants, bars and cafes for tourists to consume. Plus, there’s a SPA Center for people to relax. Auckland Skycity will try their best to make customers feel at home.

The Landmark Of Auckland- Skycity Auckland Casino

World-famous Casino with Professional Services. A Home away from Home.

The Landmark Of Auckland- Skycity Auckland CasinoThe Landmark Of Auckland- Skycity Auckland Casino

Fashionable Bars, Plentiful Exotic Food and the Spectacular Suites with Sea Views.

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Notes from iGUIDE CASINO

Details of the charges in Auckland Skycity Casino is not completely open to public.

The minimum bet in casino is 15 CNY.

Gamblers in the casino can have free parking privilege. Tourists under 20 are forbidden to enter the casino.


Auckland Skycity Casino Hotel Information

Tel:+64 9-363-6000

Official Site:https://www.skycityauckland.co.nz/casino/

Business Hour:24-hr

Address:Level 2 Skycity, 72/78 Victoria St W, CBD, Auckland 1010,New Zealand



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