• 2015/8/12

A different life


Yesterday wrote so long, as a result, because the computer problems or make out, seems to still can't write a negative life. Life there are always two sides to everything, the person also is every coin has two sides, the two sides only contrast is too big. Good is good, the bad temper, mad Max, Dream beauty pro burning and killing it dried up all the cinch, regardless of whether the legal system society, also is something else. The contrast, this kind of life, suffering is the people around. To tell the truth, when bad, true don't want to think about the advantages of a person, is of no significance to his advantage, he good to you, you again good to him, when he launched a temper to no one, you will feel all the pay is not worth. Life is the pay, but pay a face than don't pay, do not know the bigger danger, I want to give up. Give up this know this man experienced a period of time, including I want to be give up I don't want to give up. But a person always can't turn a quarrel, want to kill me, want to cut my people, and crisis in my family, I how to get along with, how to have been to the next life. Dare to start work is another story, but a fight I what all not afraid, you don't provoke me, you are really angry to me, my life can not, I want you to family, one day I am going to put you chop. This kind of words, as long as a quarrel, a make up in your mouth, how the days have been to, I think it's too dark in my heart, just don't know how to get rid of you. 
I was afraid that he is a naive he chop, it was going, ah, I still want to live, don't want to be killed in here, he don't worth I pay for this kind of person's life. And I also should not for their home is not good, Dream beauty pro also bring such a crazy up to the Wolf, to bite, everywhere want to kill people. I began to consider leaving the problem yesterday. 
Leave, leave this everyone know my world, fight, I can't run back, I'm afraid I bring to the home is not good, I should leave in his home, let who can't find me, also can't contact me. Parents daughter, I no longer contact, avoid the evil reason, away from the life here. But can't afford to drum courage, I want to leave early, it was quiet life is like a desperate war, make me frustrated. I'm really afraid, used to life positive, he good to me, but a launch temper, is a not afraid dead, no one of the outlaws. A bad up, all the good were covered, even more than it, my life is a gamble, I also is a gambler, Dream beauty pro in his good-natured, calm, and bad temper when the evil of live alternately, can win the quiet life, to lose is life bet, lost is death broke struggle, lost is the young life. Actually I am afraid, I'm really afraid of death, I accustomed peaceful life, I accustomed peaceful life, our family for generations are not very rich, but the quiet and peaceful to survive, but to me, this calm day looking for a temper to the Wolf, I'm so scared. 
I want to leave, when I get up the courage, I a person leave, I go to travel, to visit my favorite Dali in yunnan province, have been to that kind of money your life travel days, all the people here will stay here, Dream beauty pro hope to bring a peace of my family, I went to another kind of happy life. Sometimes escape may be I a ending the game better. I will be hard, not malicious I wouldn't have sent since the injection needle in his terrible, not malicious, I won't break up with former boyfriend after delete all of the memories, I want to be cruel to leave my parents, even my daughter, I can not give all people bring misfortune. Because my family will be happy to continue, I also want to find a different kind of happiness. 




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