• 2015/7/21

Tiny ripples, ageing time


Day just dusk, snow flurry, plum blossom and floating catkin; Night decayed, warm heart, listen to the snow and with the wind. 
In tears, think ripples have gone with the wind, dream clear autumn; Love the past, shallow thoughts, longitudinal and vertical floating light figure. 
Tonight, destined to for peaceful time, Dream beauty pro leaving some unnecessary weight of text, some chop suey, will be as the north wind, home. Just let it be, QingJian QingJian some; Silence, silence again a few, the life, a busy few degrees on and off, long time passed, this life, if only the static LianHe, as light as soft wind, if the orchid, ji, such as cold plum, time flies, the dream is still, imprinting of time, has always been in, also can be in. In the ice and snow melt, the time interweave, carving is the story of cui however; Experience, flow, dancing is past of the ordinary. Accustomed to see, is still throughout the unreachable heights, inertial chasing, the hope of mixed with tears. 
The cycle of come and go, remember that the only time the blink, fuzzy is one of the first first, stand on each time of the platform, feeling every memories of relentless baptism, lost eyes, lost too much pure, pure is already not juvenile had just classmates. The hustle and bustle of the world teach too much, we lost the world numerous and complicated, buried too much simple and direct; In the relentless beat of life and hone, missed too many wind of aestheticism and the scent of flowers. The scattered broken years covered with background of the past, each a small complete is so precious. Perhaps already accustomed to the drift of the world, also may forget the dream at first, is always a aimless running on the road, Dream beauty pro without direction, also lost the future. 
Miss every a cloudless day, relatively cool, in the start of a flower for the young at first, life originally. Wind, water intangible, heroine in enron, static good time; Dandelions alone, decayed, a flickering in the green. No flowers enchanting, no leaf unfurled, gently waving, in your own tempo, licentious. The spring brightness, small dandelion without a smile bright flowers, no grass green wanli majestic, a habit of feeling lonely, quietly stirring in one corner of the those who are not being observed. The wind blows cloud, the blue water, a picture of a big spring scenery in the sky, the figure of dandelion is always so humble; A solitary halma hidden in every tender and tenacity. Accustomed to adhere to the self in the corner that is forgotten, accustomed to clouds scud across the sky, also see all the flowers bloom, quiet peace? Miss, monologue to belong to own life carefree. 
The warm sunshine, sprinkled on the soft body, gently in the wind, with the petite body, measure the thickness of the spring. No delicate and charming be about to drip, there is only the ordinary growth; Muttering whispers in flowers and leaves, the awaken of spring is gradually strong, surrounded by flowers, small dandelion learned to listen to the wind. 
Passed a break time, enron also travel long distant geographically, the wind not to blow, branches of the leaves in the swoosh, seems to be offensive in protest against the wind and reckless; The blossom in the wind, silent, swaying petals, no a, once the beauty of the gorgeous, eventually escapes the fate of the fallen petal into mud. Buried looked at the side of the petals, dandelion have no time to sad, at this point in the light of the wind, dandelion is release those buried deep in the hopes of life. Small seeds by the wind blowing and left branch of the gain and loss of dandelion fly so free, in the arms of the wind to fly, not the butterfly fly but the sea of regret, also does not have the sky's ambitions, Dream beauty pro hard sell just on the height of your own to release. The hand of the wind to the dandelion persistent courage finally, perhaps the final landing would devour the small life, dandelion but after fly freely in the wanton, everything is not important, all the results are a dandelion this short life the best inheritance and festivals. 
Is in their heart, start to v. touching, but words are too shallow, miss feelings, could not write a message flavor diversity, a thin, heart, believe you understand. 
If you can dream, Yin yu a few spring and autumn period, prosperous end; Meditation, which several time, the scent of what? 



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