• 2015/7/16

Heart rain


The patter, has been under. 
On the window, close your eyes, the night a blur. The window of sound into the rain. So quiet rainy night, Dream beauty pro into the dream. 
Like into the autumn, dusk, running in the boundless in the rain, no direction, cold rain sticky clothes, thick through heart cool and refreshing. That kind of feeling helpless and chang shuang. 
Woke up in the midnight, turns out to be rain in the face and body. Window, drift is cold, the myriad of melancholy. 
Last night, also in the home, and has set foot on foreign land journey tonight. 
Remember, once at home before the window listening to the rain. Trickling rain, a bit of a drop in the heart. Like beads of rain falling on the roof, tick tock, on the strings of pearls, forceful, continous far long finish. 
At that time, all hope, all the hope, is a rain, a quieted restive palpitations light rain. The rain in the rain, look calm and natural, solemn and watch the rain. 
Another kind of mood is spreading in the bone marrow, that is the world after the rain, in the future. 
Strange city, strange people, strange land, strange rain, never dreamed of in the rainy night sorrow or missing, or sorrow heart injury. Because, love the rain, in the home. 
And the rain here is so attractive, touches the nerve of the soul. 
Continous rain touching a city, every corner, there is, trickling rain, down silently, like listening to Chinese words, Dream beauty pro like in the bustle of utterance is the heart. 
Let the rain, but the heart already fly to bright and clear day. 
Your eyes like during the day, standing alone in the watchtower, helplessly watching the fog color city of cage, not a lot of mood swings, because, once a wishful yearning for this place has become overshadowed, become helpless, only full of the smell of a living. 
That one party turrets, who is my most looking forward to the scenery, the corner of the flourishing region, was my most yearning place. And dream of the rain, will be like flowers, open of gorgeous, romantic the entire valley. 
It is in a quiet valley water jian, the site, not impetuous, nor of desire, some just quietly watching a flower bloom and fade, see a snow or. 
Goes away in the past, has been keen on me, how much pride and enthusiasm, persistent belief seems higher than day, looking forward to a career in the future days their own heaven and earth, also dream to pursue their own happiness and freedom. However, all of this changed my original thought. 
Now, the heart became calm, but, has become cool. The heart has been cold, but become sentimental. The heart becomes sentimental, but become more vulnerable and helpless. 
Like in the lost child, eager to get other people to help, but can't accept any foreign aid. 
, summer and winter, at that time, I like to sit by the window or in the spring and autumn, always can find the rain, ears, hands, enjoying the wind and rain outside, thinking of the story in the wind and rain. 
The rain trickling rain, dripping, unconsciously into sleep. Happy, cool and sweet, the mouth cape revealed a smile unconsciously. That kind of quiet and bland, only melt in time soft, cease to exist. 
Fact, the vast heaven and earth, HKUE amec and thought that finds a piece of music, holding a hot heart to develop in the future. So easily with a youth, through the comings and goings to multifarious street, heels and lightly strangers touch shoulder. Hope that with your own mind and wisdom, can leave a bit for social construction belongs to the trace of my dedication. 
Failures, setbacks, and rain, again and again break my dream. 
The mixture of city and no imagination of so quiet, harmonious. This whole world, the toes, to the respective dream goal unremitting efforts, forget yourself, forget the end of the world, until now passers-by, once friend. Confused, becomes weak as water, once infatuation to weaving the dreams of the future, overnight into pieces over the ground. 
A toast, binge drinking, the ancient people hope that the use of the capacity for liquor and heroism, to disperse in the heart of fear and anger. 




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