• 2015/7/9

Turn for you

Turn for you

Autumn season, always think of some of the mind or strong or weak, there is always some difficult to sort out your thoughts the intertwining. 
Held out his hand, feeling at your fingertips slowly passing years, passed into the fallen petal. 
Mood, as well as autumn leaves, one by one in the wind. 
Accustomed to, suulfuric acid skirt, along its path, feel the tree lost its shaw. 
As if, on the ground of heart, clean up all the time, so it fall into the world of mortals, from strangers. 
Accustomed to, will apply one of blank paper. 
Pick up a fallen leaves, paper coated with tender feelings. 
In such as yarn thin twilight, crossing the flower diameter, autumn touch a piece of printing and dyeing by sunset. 
My heart, in every memory still branches bloom, quietly leave layers of petals, layer upon layer. 
Beside my ear, is the cool wind, pass in time of the dream, started up a little disappointed. 
Through the cloud of hazy, who is in the leaves of the shadow of light cover in silence, linger. 
You say, get to know each other, are holding the lovesickness, light dance time. 
You say, the routine, not nearly not far, slowly walk... 
In fact, no matter how the circulation time, no matter years how change, some people, some things, has already been engraved heart. 
Like a clock, once set, will wake up sleep in fixed time. 
When you warm eyes tunnel through time, stay in my memory, that moment, I see, there is a kind of love in the autumn of ying ying, given... 
Independent, jing qiu, far out at the other shore, cut a autumn scenery, through the lonely times, the distant condensed forever. 
So near, I use thin cold words, very worried about you, about your light shadow, has become a I have a thin slender long mast. 
You say, miss, is a soft diction, as thin as cool moonlight, always in your dreams, a simple, at the moment, I smiled... 
You know, this life waiting for you. 
Looking at you gently walk, when I'm under the sun, quietly will smile. 
If you can, can you let me, with your fingertips touch your deep feeling of warmth. 
Then, let the joy of happiness inch black climbing. 
This life, I'll wait for you on the cloud, and looking back, will want to hide in your heart gently love you, every year, each season... 




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