• 2015/1/5

Feel lonely


Total flowing heart faint lonely, late at night, he will quietly climbed out from the depths of the soul culturelle, the soul of every corner Kenshi fall. Bright lights will go out, lying on a soft comfortable sofa, staring at the dark night sky outside the window, trying to find those poignant words from my mind, to lending a beautiful moment that a page; or stand up, do not pure sound monotonous but stop to this house come to that house, listening to the foot of the floor issue.

Loneliness is moved from the heart, quietly listening to the rustling of the wind out of the window Yin, drizzly rain 唳 will have the feeling of coming in damp, moist air, moist soul, moist soft emotions. Loneliness is quiet after getting back to basics, feel lonely, that is, to feel that a section of the ups and downs of the heart brigade. Imagine lonely imagery, such as the Gobi a humble cottages, rocky desert strain of tamarisk, or a loss of population in the sky Guyan, trees and snow man in a fishing are rare ice scenery.

Feeling lonely, bitter sweet in there, waiting to see nature. When it walked the catwalk sections to come to you, do not evade, do not fear, it is grown in your heart of a beautiful lotus, let it suck the soul of the sun and rain, the free-spirited to windward bloom. Admire the collections of dew hanging on bamboo leaves on Angela dripping, narcissistic, let it smoke mortal death, from accumulate in multicolored yi. Bodhi heart is clean, empty out adjustable desk, what fear cold biting cold. Corner alone, listening to the spring slowly flowing out through the clouds roll Shu, the mood is how to cool!

Lonely coat is quiet. Quietly sip wine, brew a cup of tea, there will be a hint of bitterness rose; Shangjian a quietly elegant ink, beautiful diction recite a poem, there will be cool and comfortable coming in the slightest . The taste is quiet Zen, Zen is a deep understanding of the realm. Thinking dull past, taste the unknown future, everything is not in there, there is the no. The dead can not recover, after all, a ray of downtown dream. Life a hundred years, a rare moment of leisure, looking back, busy at the same time how much neglect Xiaofeng moon, Xia Yuqiu cream.

Enjoy the solitude, the mind is actually a re-washing. Used to see snow on the wind flower, caught up in the mind often contaminated with dirt on the slightest. Nowata Unmanned cross, among the precious calm calm, cool breeze suck Teana, light sweeping the hall to the moon, and even mood are transparent. Feel lonely, you should learn to tolerate loneliness. Sitting in a secluded grove where shouts playing complex, although no roots hit section admire electrical desk, but the mood to say to yourself, sing their own songs, the kind of realm of Heaven, there are others who can be realized. Quietly guard their own good, why care about other people's silly comment.

Feelings of loneliness, which is a deep feeling of life, the fate of philosophy. Loneliness is a state of calm culturelle, Taishan collapse in the former without form or color of calm, is leaning against the sword-day plug-in bow Fuso elegant. After bustling into a dream, thinking in solitude, deep understanding in solitude, life was originally a play once the net late enough raw ugly drama ah.



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