• 2014/10/7

The other side


There, elusive. There, see the future, but also failed to keep in the past. A person, if you can have love ... 

Endless cycle time, Ergonomic chair it did not care about is that I urgently want to bear in mind, or are forced forgotten. The outcome of the recall, do not remember, and often die a natural death. 

Often hypocritical to think about what their youth go, why always want to forgive vicissitudes smile still worldly years. Always believe that people cowardly in the face of time freshwater pearl earrings, as always, weakness, we still have to grow up, have a smile, had a strong ... 

In fact, constantly changing and is long-lasting, but also pull off. I do not reject old. Clearly painful, homegrown. 

Have to admit I was a decadent people: hope for too much should not exist, detention should not feel too. Often nowhere to go, and then beaten. 

Gradually, in a hint of eccentric split personality. Sad start to say. And silence, people do not have the strength not extricate themselves. Loneliness, confusion, denial, such as flood, choking the moment there is always a delightfully fun and an inexplicable tragedy. 

Salvation has always been accompanied by crushing and hilarious struggle. 

Walk with a wound like to see it in others Qin blood or his smile, and then everything will be in the sometimes sharp and sometimes blunt pain in silence fester. Initially illegible. Who lied to whom. 

In fact, pain is a kind of perception people happy. Alive at least a little bit true, at least not to be sad and blind youth numb out all perception. So, still stubborn willfulness would be easily moved, also moths, fatigue or frustration, have had to choose, there are reluctant to refuse to compromise. 

There has been a nightmare: before there is a jet, the other side has a face and a large fuzzy man opened brilliant lily, you want to swim Direct Subsidy School, but found the foot of the long roots, then there is always a sound ear, "This is your soil, you fit your survival ... "

Maybe I will fall in love with a person, but can only love. Like a mood, is silent, and it is hopeless, gentle and melancholy. There is no sound. No tears. Just pain. Then run out of life. 

Maybe I will eventually compromise with a person hand gently, never passionately in love, but you can always rely on. A person's pain, after all, too lonely ... 

Perhaps, in fact nuskin hk, I already understand: the years as a flail, loved, they lost the freedom ...



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