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China-pakistan Cooperation Adds New Stars


  Finance--China-pakistan Cooperation Adds New Stars

  On July 9, with the successful launch of the pakistan Remote Sensing Satellite No. 1 in the space, the launch of the thirteenth full-star export project of the Aerospace Science and Technology (000901) Group was successfully completed, marking the third time in the China-pakistan space field. Cooperation has been successful.

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  As early as 1990, China Aerospace and pakistan carried out their first cooperation. The first two-strand carrier rockets were equipped with a pakistani scientific test satellite. In 2011, China-pakistan Aerospace once again joined hands and pakistan Communications Satellite 1R was successfully launched. The successful launch of the pakistan Remote Sensing Satellite No. 1 marks the fruitful harvest of the third cooperation between China and pakistan, and China-pakistan space cooperation has taken an important step forward.

  High user requirements

  The China-pakistan cooperation on the development of remote sensing satellites has a long history. Since the beginning of the 1990s, remote sensing satellite projects have been frequently filed, but they have been put on hold due to various factors, and there has been no substantial progress. After the successful launch of the Baxing 1R in 2011, the Bayao No. 1 project began to make substantial progress with the successful operation of the Baxing 1R in orbit. The project finally ushered in a turnaround.

  “Baxing 1R is in good working condition in orbit, and the cooperation has achieved the expected results, which has laid a good foundation for the follow-up cooperation between the two parties,” said Gao Ruofei, vice president of Great Wall Company.

  Until April 20, 2016, Great Wall Company signed a contract with the pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Committee, and the cooperation project of the Bayao No. 1 project was finally finalized. "Bayao No. 1 project is a long-term use of international customer service from negotiation to signing, and the highest user requirements." Gao Ruofei introduced.

  After more than a decade of negotiations, after six rounds of negotiations, the English-language bidding documents each had thousands of pages... Wu Chao, who was responsible for the early signing of the Ba Yao No. 1 project, remembered the many details of the time.

  Different from the past, the pakistani side attaches great importance to this remote sensing satellite and puts forward the highest requirements that the Chinese side can provide at the time. The pakistani side also specially invited a team of experts in the aerospace field in Europe to participate in the whole process of the project together with the 10 supervisors of the pakistani side.

  This has brought great challenges to the project's general contractor, Great Wall Company and its partners.

  Good "opponents"

  Ba Yao No. 1 test team work site

  Yuan Binhui was a newcomer who entered the Bayao No. 1 project directly after he joined the company. At the beginning, he always thought that he would meet frequently, once a week, every meeting, going to the middle of the night, a meeting, or even finishing thousands of to-do items. It was a normal working condition, and later he realized that his involvement was such an important project.

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  “They attach great importance to the establishment and regulation of the document system and have almost the same requirements, which makes the work of the team more difficult.” Li Lan, the general manager of the project, has many international project service experiences, but this time the pakistani and European supervision Experts' extreme demands on the documentation system still make the team feel the challenge.

  In the process of continuous discussions with the pakistani and European experts, the project team also learned a lot from the other side. "Because of the strict requirements of the pakistani side, we have also formed a complete documentation system for benchmarking international aerospace standards," Li Lan said.

  In addition, according to the contract, Great Wall Company not only needs to provide a remote sensing satellite to pakistan in the form of on-orbit delivery, but also needs to provide the Balahao No. 1 ground application system and ground monitoring and control system, and provide on-orbit testing, on-site support, training, Services such as insurance and related technical support.

  “This is the first time that a customer has proposed to integrate the system with the integration of the stars and the land. The Great Wall Company has assumed the role of 'big overall', which puts a test on the team coordination work and the aerospace integration capability of Great Wall Company.” project implementation Jia Xiupeng Introduction.

  Therefore, the project team “manages” all the coordination and communication work of Ba Yao No. 1 like “big housekeeper”, and “decomposes” the whole star task and distributes it to each cooperation unit to complete.

  "The pakistani side has very high requirements on the satellite as a whole and its application level. Although this process is difficult, after completion, our own capabilities have also been greatly improved." Gao Ruofei said.

  More emboldened

  As a pathfinder for China Aerospace's entry into the international market (300005) and a pioneer in the development of China's aerospace commercialization, Great Wall has implemented 13 international satellite on-orbit delivery projects with the support of its partners. Among them, 10 communication satellites and 3 remote sensing satellites, pakistan is the second international customer of China's space remote sensing system.

  "The number of remote sensing satellites is small and it is in a weak position in the international commercial aerospace market. However, after this battle, it will have a positive role in promoting the development of remote sensing satellite user groups." Gao Ruofei analysis.

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  At the same time, the cooperation was not only recognized by the pakistani side but also by the European consultant team. “Our service has been affirmed, and we are more confident in providing international aerospace business services that meet European standards. The experience accumulated in this cooperation will be It is a valuable asset and lays a foundation for further development of the international space service market." Gao Ruofei said.

  In the field of international commercial aerospace for more than 30 years, Great Wall has gradually evolved from the original commercial launch service provider to the ability to provide commercial satellite launch, development, consulting, frequency/orbit coordination, financing insurance, System integrators and integrated service providers for a package of services including rail management and training. Great Wall Company's service processes, systems and levels are constantly improving, services are more professional, and the talent team experience is also enriched.

  Kaiser Annis Kourum, Chairman of the pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Committee, spoke highly of Great Wall: "Without the cooperation of Great Wall, this mission is impossible, and the team spirit of the Great Wall employees and I was very impressed with the professionalism reflected in the different stages of the project during the implementation of the project. He also expressed the hope that the two countries will have new science and technology cooperation projects in the aerospace field.

  Gao Ruofei introduced that at present, China and pakistan are further approaching the future space cooperation.

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