• 2018/3/16

The future "flying" is not necessarily all


  The first session of the thirteen session of the CPPCC National Committee was first noticed by the Chinese and foreign media. The first person standing on the channel was interviewed by the CPPCC National Committee, deputy director of the China Manned Space Engineering Office and Yang Liwei, a special astronaut.

  During the two sessions, Yang Liwei received an interview with the reporter of the Yangcheng Evening News. As the first Chinese to enter space, he has brought more than one good news for the future of China's manned space flight.

  On the selection of astronauts

  Drivers have to have "the best body of the universe"

  Yangcheng Evening News: this year, the selection of the third batch of astronauts will be carried out, not only to select drivers, but also to select flight engineers and load experts. What does the news mean?

  Yang Liwei: before, the astronauts came from the air force pilots. This is mainly for the selection of relevant social sectors, for example, for the relevant industry departments, research institutes and related universities. This means that with the participation of real scientists, China's manned spaceflight has taken a big step towards the application of scientific research. In the future, more scientists will be able to develop sophisticated research and exploration in the real space environment.

  The Yangcheng Evening News: everyone is curious. Is the scientist having to have the same body as the air force pilot to be chosen?

  Yang Liwei: the astronauts' physical requirements are the most stringent, but there will be some downgrades for the selection criteria of scientists and engineers, and there will be appropriate adjustments according to needs. To make an inappropriate analogy, it is like we usually fly in the air in the sky, but the requirements for the passengers and the drivers are completely different.

  Yangcheng Evening News: what kind of situation should a pilot deal with?

  Yang Liwei: a high requirement for the driver's body is that they are not only driving, but also responsible for the safety, organization and command of the spacecraft. When the ship is at risk, the driver must have the ability to deal with it. For example, the overload peak of astronauts is usually 5 times that of the earth's gravity acceleration, but when training, it must bear 8 times, because the emergency situation may exceed 8 times, which is equal to 8 of its own weight. At this time, all the astronauts can not lose their ability to work, so the driver must have a very strong physical quality.



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