• 2018/2/2

The question of "heavy sense"


It turns out that recently, a reading question on the Chinese test paper at the end of the first half of the Binhai New Area was selected. It is the fragment of the earth written by Bi Feiyu's "Quixote" in the north of Tianjin, which requires students to talk about the "heavy feeling" reflected in the article.

It was interesting that Bi Feiyu responded. In an interview with a local media, he made a clear expression of his position: it was inappropriate for the children to answer the question. Then, it explained again: "the so-called sense of gravity may be the reading experience of teachers. We need to know that the gap between children's reading ability and their ability and teacher is huge. It is unfair to test children with the feeling of adults."

The author of the original "own", the original intention of a control and unknown topic intention, make people laugh. In particular, almost everyone in our student age has encountered similar language problems, and the feeling of joy is more prominent.

The reason for this is that both sides are in different logical thinking - Test thinking and creative thinking. Examination thinking is a quantifiable, complex test subject, a standard answer or a reference answer, and a so-called "split point". Out of the convenience of examining students and calculating results, the writing of a writer is often treated like this. And creative thinking can not be figurative. It depends on the talent and Inspiration of the writer. It is the presentation of a kind of experience. Even if there is a so-called creative skill, it is completely different from the way of mathematical science.Western literary theory has the intention of fallacy. It is unreasonable to evaluate works from the author's intention and writing process, and the resulting mistakes will destroy the original appearance of the works.

Moreover, unlike writers scholars write papers, complete detailed description of the problem, but the use of "Qupen", this is likely to cause "one thousand readers, there are one thousand interpretations of the situation, it is difficult to have a standard answer. The ancients said "no poem of Gu", is this meaning. The writer's creative thinking can not be illustrated by itself. It can only be felt with the mind and resonates with the emotion.

Furthermore, the exploration of "heavy sense" involves the impact of adult thinking and child thinking. It is really inappropriate for middle school students to understand the "sense of gravity", just as many middle school students are "afraid" to meet Mr. Lu Xun's article. Such a stage they reached the life, experience increases, mental maturity, nature can understand the beauty of these works, the author's thoughts and feelings. But in the middle school is to achieve this goal, it is not so useful.



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