• 2020/5/15

Integrated circuit application circuit analysis


DC circuit analysis. This step is mainly to analyze the external circuit of the power supply and the ground pin. Note: When there are multiple power supply pins, it is necessary to distinguish the relationship between these power supplies, such as whether it is the power supply pin of the pre-stage and post-stage circuits, or the power supply pins of the left and right channels. pins should also be distinguished in this way. It is useful to repair multiple power pins and ground pins.

Signal transmission analysis. This step mainly analyzes the external circuit of the signal input pin and output pin. When the integrated circuit has multiple input and output pins, it is necessary to figure out whether it is the output pin of the pre-stage or post-stage circuit, and also distinguish the input and output pins of the left and right channels for the two-channel circuit.

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Analysis of circuits outside other pins. For example, find the negative feedback pin, vibration reduction pin, etc. This step of analysis is the most difficult. For beginners, it is necessary to rely on the pin action data or the internal circuit block diagram.

With a certain ability to recognize images, we must learn to summarize the laws of the external circuits of the pins of various functional integrated circuits, and to master this law, which is useful for improving the speed of image recognition. For example, the law of the external circuit of the input pin is: connected to the output terminal of the preceding circuit through a coupling capacitor or a coupling circuit, and the law of the external circuit of the output pin is: connected to the input terminal of the subsequent circuit through a coupling circuit.

When analyzing the process of signal amplification and processing by the internal circuit of the integrated circuit, it is best to consult the internal circuit block diagram of the integrated circuit. When analyzing the block diagram of the internal circuit, you can use the arrows in the signal transmission line to indicate which circuits have been amplified or processed by the signal, and from which pin the signal is finally output.

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